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Farrah - posted on 02/04/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, my child does not have alopecia but I had it for the first time at age 20 (I'm 32 now). It was very hard for me to deal with...very embarrasing. I had bald spots all over, I would clip my hair in wierd ways or wear a hat. I went to a dermatologist for treatment and he gave me cortizone shots...one in my butt and in all my bald spots. It worked. It was kind of embarassing when the hair was growing back too, I had little tufts of hair sticking up all over lol. I remember one woman asked me "what did you get gum stuck in your hair and have to cut it out?" !!! I was like "noooo, I have alopecia", she felt really stupid. The first doctor I went to about the alopecia told me I had mange!!! Can you believe that?? I finally learned that it was caused by stress, which made perfect sense to me..several months before the alopecia I had gone through the worst part of my life, I had told my mom about my stepfather sexually abusing me, I had broken up with a boyfriend that I loved deeply and had also had a suicide attempt (cry for help is more like it). The alopecia was under control until last summer when my daughter left for the summer with my in-laws to Puerto Rico, I was a mess about it, a few days after she left I found a spot above me ear. I didn't get any treatment for it, it grew back on it's own. Every now and then I feel a little spot somewhere...but never like I had it the first time, thank goodness!!

I can't imagine how a young child going through this must feel.


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Shirley - posted on 06/20/2010




Hi, I also have a daughter she will be 7 next month, with alopecia she got it when she was 2 yr. old and she has no hair at all, I felt so helpless and upset, as a mother the only advice I can give to parents who are starting to go thru this process is, let ur child know that no matter what they are beautiful and smart, give them the confidence they are possibly going to lose, if u teach them that its not about how much hair u have on ur head its about whats in ur heart and how u treat others, and my daughter is at the point that if someone stares at her i have taught her to ask them if she can help them, it gives her the stength to stand up for herself and it makes those who are shallow enough to stare feel dumb. My daughter tells everyone she's glad she don't have hair bc it's too hot and she don't wanna brush it if she did have it, and she loves having the option of changing her hair style in less than 2 minutes whenever she wants. Just give ur child that love and attention but forget that she has no hair, if someone asks what she has let her explain it, and help out my daughter i believe is more out spoken about things bc she has alopecia and no hair, I have also taught her that everyone is different in 1 way or another her's is her hair, mine was wearing glasses and built bigger. i hope this helps...

Teresa - posted on 02/04/2009




Sorry to hear all about you went thro, and I'm glad your hair came back in..I have a 4 year old with it, that was my main reason for starting the board here..Most people either think mange, cancer or that the child is pulling their hair out...Her hair fell out bad last year and it started growing back on its own except for a few spots...Now its coming back out and doctors are saying that were the hair is coming out now, her scalp is dead...They dont think the shots would do her any good...

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