Alternative Birth & Mothering

Every mother knows what is best for her child. This community is for mothers who had, or are interested in, an alternative birth--such as HypnoBirthing, Bradley Method, Home-Birth, Water-Birth, VBAC, Using a Midwife, etc. And for those who choose to use, or are interested in, alternative mothering techniques--such as Attachment Parenting, Cloth Diapering, Exclusively Breastfeeding, Elimination Communication, Babywise, Non-circ, Non-vax, Alternative Medicine, etc. Come one, come all... Whether none or all of those things describe you---We do not judge here.


natural gas solutions

my 2 week old just started getting really gassy. I know it isn't my diet, I eat an all organic whole food diet and have cut milk out completely, he is just a normal baby with...


Frozen Pineapple on a Stick

Please check out my Frozen Pineapple on a Stick! If you like the idea, please take a second to vote for it. Thanks so much and I hope to keep the great ideas coming your way!...


Making Homemade Baby Food

If you want to make baby food or learn about enhancing your commercial baby food, please read my blog. I am a Dietitian and mother of two who makes wonderful recipes for...


What is closest to breastmilk?

I've been hearing conflicting things about which is closer to breastmilk--a good formula or goat's milk? I know a good formula has a lot of nutrients added, but then again,...



Hi i have been breastfeeding for the past 10 months i feel that my breast milk isn't coming through as frequently as it did :( . What is the closest milk to Breast milk?


Volunteer Opportunity for Moms!

Hello everyone! I am a graduate student getting my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Currently, I am in need of some help from parents of young children. I am researching young...