Convincing Hubby to use Doula

Elizabeth - posted on 07/19/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi all! Hubby and I are going to TTC again soon. Our next birth with be a drug-free VBAC at our local hospital. (VBACs at birthing centers are banned by the state and we're not comfortable with a homebirth.) I want a doula to attend our birth. Hubby does not. He's the son of a retired L&D nurse (who believes that Scapolomine is a wonder drug and doulas should be banned from hospitals). He used to think natural birth was "crazy" and "dangerous." He's come around a lot, but doesn't see the point of a doula. He thinks that he knows or will learn everything he'll need to know to fully support me. He doesn't want a stranger there in a very intimate moment. (Apparently, the nurses and midwife/OB don't count as strangers. *Eye roll*) Any advise for convincing him that a doula is a good thing?

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