jealous neighbor?????

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i am a sahm. my neighbor works and her husband is a sahd. we both have 2 children with in 1.5 yrs of eachother. well we have become friends with them for a while and her husband and i text sometimes throughout the day because we are both bored! honestly there are no feelings between us whatsoever!! well lately she has been not talking to me anymore so i texted her to see what was up and now everyday she texts me to see what her husband and i have talked about, its like she is comparing stories or something! honestly it is getting SUPER ANNOYING!!!!!! i dont really like her anymroe, and i feel bad for her husband. have anyof you encountered this? what should i do? her husband and i are friends and she seems a crazy bit...crazy! i would not wnt to loose a friend cuz of a psyco partner..any advice????? or any stories of your own???


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This sounds really frustrating for you, I was a SAHM for two year and if you have a friend who has kids it's such a great opportunity to have some adult conversation and it's great for the kids too.

Im sure you can understand why she is jealous though. She doesn't know what happens throughout the day, so is makes sense that she might be intimidated. If your husband was hanging out with another woman frequently would you be even the tiniest bit jealous? Try to strengthen your friendship with her, or really try to understand what is making her feel insecure, because if you can't be friends with her and you value her husbands friendship, it will either make his marriage rocky, or you will loose his friendship, and that would be a shame for you both and your kids

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never gone through this myself but something doesn't sound right. Maybe she's had issues with him in the past (infedelity?) and you and him being closer friends than you and her is bringing that up and making her question the friendship? if it were me and I knew I didn't have any feelings for him, I'd back off a bit and let them work on things and then maybe you'll get 2 friends out of it instead of one. JMHO


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It is a little strange that you are friends with her husband and not her. Texting each other through out the day would be crossing the line IMO. She does not sound like a psycho...just a concerned wife! What does your husband think of this?

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I agree with some of the other posts. You have no idea what she has been through or what their current relationship is like. She may even be sad/guilty about working and then to add on top of that her husband is getting chummy with a stay at home mom.

I know if I was in that situation, I would not be ok with my husband getting close with another woman. And I know it wouldn't be ok with him if it were reversed.

I think you should back off of the texting with him so often and maybe even try and talk with her about what you feel about whats going on.

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Hmmm, well maybe there's something more going on for her. Like maybe she's dealt with infidelity in the past and is sensitive to it? I'd think about ways to make things a bit easier for her if I could. Maybe don't text for a bit and just talk when your kids are playing etc.

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lol, I cant totally relate but I was at the park yesterday and the guy swinging next to my son had a newborn in an ergo carrier and I asked the babis age, from there we talked for about 15 minutes about babies, milestones, (he also had a 1.5 year old who was running around with his wife), we talked very easily cuz it was all about babies! After a bit I had the thought that his wife might get mad if he talked to me so much. But honestly I am not like that with my husband so I decided to give her the benifit of the doubt and trust his instincts as to if it was appropriate. I mean we were in the park, with tons of other parents and kids and his wife was in sight so I figure no harm. Well after a bit he left to catch up with her and later on we all were back at the swings and this time I was talking to his wife, we talked for a bit too and it wasnt a big deal. I think your neighbor is jealous, and mistrusting of her husband. I too feel bad for him, what a life huh? try to not let it bother you and hopefully they can work out their issues and you can have your buddy back. I think when the convorsation goes off of children and family thats when it gets tricky. As long as you are talking abiut your family its painfully obvious you arent flirting.

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