Alternative Healing

This is a forum for Moms to ask & inform one another about different types of Alternative Healing. Hopefully everything will be covered from accupressure to u.v therapy. As a Reiki Master, I've come across many different forms of healing and if possible, I'll try to answer any questions that stump the community.


Looking for more like-minded people -

Hi, I am looking for more people like me who are continually looking for healthy alternatives to everyday items AND who are willing to share with others. I find that I struggle...


Aromatherapy and Massage

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to share a book that I have read and now use the advice religiously. It's called Your Happy Baby. It teaches all about infant massage, yoga and...


Vaccinations ?

Hi everyone, My husband and I unconsciously took Willow for her 8wk and 12wk injections and then once the post traumatic birth stress started to ease we regained consciousness...


Healthy living and positive thinking

Hello all, I just wanted to say HI to everyone here. I am a very 'green' minded person; for both my planet, the future of my children and for our own health. We're still in...


Hi Everyone

Hi! My name is Amber. I've been a medium all my life, read tarot, and done some aura/chakra healing. I'm going to get my Reiki I and II certification next week. I'm so...



My name is Ashra. I've been a Reiki Master for 2 years & am a practicing 7th generation psychic. I'm a strong believer in energy healing when possible. I do not believe that...