a group for the ALTERNATIVE "LABELLED" parents. in definition pierced, tattooed, parents even tattooists and body piercing mums just because we are not the standard soccer mums doesnt mean we dont parent our kids accordingly and be the best mums we can be!!! a single look from a stranger alone is daunting when seen out with ur children, so lets come together and support each other!!!!


blue hair

I dyed my son's hair blue once, because he asked. Later, when he was out in a crowd with his dad, he got lost. They were able to find him quickly by getting people to look for...



Hello, My name is Niki. I have a four-year-old son and a 9-month-old daughter. I am alternative in a few ways. The first and most important way, to me, is that I have...


welcome all!!

i wanted 2 make this group to support other mums/dads who are alternative in any way at all so we can have discussions, give advice and become a solid community thanks for...