All the different doctors your Angel sees

Alexa - posted on 01/29/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Gabriel sees many different doctors and specialist that see him for one reason or another. It can be quite overwhelming to figure out which doctor does what and scheduling the appointments so that they don't overlap or interfere, especially since they all tell me something different about Gabriel's development. I just thought it would be nice to know all the different types of doctors you take your angels to see. This will help me figure out if I'm missing something. Gabriel currently sees:

Pediatrician (PCP)
Orthopedic Surgeon (only once)
Urologist (only once)


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Stephanie - posted on 02/17/2010




Annie Doctors/therapist

PCP whenever needed
Occupational Therapist x1wkly
Neurologist every4-6 months w/o major seizures
Cardinal Glennon when having major seizures
Physical Therapy x1 wkly-when she starts school she will have it x2 wkly
Speech/Language/Swallowing x2 wkly
Developmental Therpay x1 wkly
Nutritionist use to be x1 monthy, now whenever needed based on weight gain/loss
Ophthamologist-Prior to surgey x1 monthly, post surgery, every 3-6 mo
GI once
ENT once
Metabolic Geneticist once
Geneticist twice

I think that it...I might have missed one. She sees the county health department for all her shots, and we haven't taken her to a dentist but we are trying to find a pedi dentist who has experience with special needs.

Christy - posted on 02/17/2010




EEG is to monitor for seizures. I feel your pain with the whole not sleeping deal!!

It's hard to keep them awake within the reason of when they wanna sleep they sleep (atleast that's how McKayla is).

You'll go into a room with a hospital bed, they'll hook up a whole bunch (15-20) little wires to her head and dim the lights and ask you to get her to sleep (don't stress if she won't sleep, as long as she's quiet and doesn't move a huge amount its good).

It all seems so scary at first, but honestly it's not that bad at all. It will help with a lot of things as well.

Just keep a positive mind about it all, and everything should be great!

Im here if you'd like to talk.

Soledad - posted on 02/15/2010




Been a busy week for me...she has her pediatrician, gentics, hospital, therapy, GI dr, and now tomorrow a new one...eye doctor. Today I had some appointments for therapy and tomorrow she has two more. Eye Dr in the am and then 15 month reg check up in the pm. Then Thursday she has the EEG test? Can anyone tell me how this one works because they want me to keep her awake which is no problem and then at 8:30 in the am I am suppose to make her fall asleep with all these stickies on her head. Yeah good luck to me cause she doesn't sleep!!! this again is all one week with one car to share between hubby and I...

Angie - posted on 01/29/2010





heally clinic (cdc clinic- peditrician, pt, ot, nutritionist, behavorial psycologist, dentist, speech- only every 6 months to 1yr)

ophthamologist (iowa city, iowa- every year)

orthopedic- every 3 mo.

childrens hospital- pt, ot, speech, and nutritionist 2 times wk

area 13- pt, ot, speech, & nutritionist 1 time wk

children's hospital- surgeon for the g i button in tummy (only when the button needs o bigger size or there is alot of scar tissue build up around the button) 1 yr

i have only seen a genetics dr 1 time, we used to see the feeding and growth clinic at childrens hospital every 3 mo. (not anymore)

we will be seeing a neurologist when she has more seizures and probably some others that i dont know about,lol

i know it can get very overwhelming at times and very hard to keep the appointments straight, i have gotten a schedule book that has nothing but olivia's appointments for everything in it. even the different therapist that she sees. when i 1st started to keep the book i would write the dr or therapist, the hospital or dr office, or if at home, time everything. eventually you will get to know these people very very well and you will only have to write their name and time and you'll know where you have to go. thats the only way i can get her where she needs to go, cuz my memory sucks. i cant remember what happened an hour ago let alone last week, lol hope that this helps have a great day

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