does any one have an angel that look like them

Ashley - posted on 02/27/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




my daugther makayla doesn't look like me or anyone in our family .am mexican and half black all my children are on the darker skin side but makayla is very white with blue green eyes and has blondish light brown hair . and i always get comments on is she your daugther and where does she get her eyes from and people don't think my husband is her dad even though makayla twin sister looks very much like him .i heard that she could have gotten her looks from angelman . what do i tell people when they askme theses things without having to explain about her angelman or do ou guys think it's best to let them know to try to explain to others about angelman. and does anyone else think it is because she has this because i don't know alot of angels that look extremely different from there parents maybe alittle but not a whole lot!


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Alexa - posted on 03/11/2010




Ashley, my son Gabriel looks nothing like us! Dad and I are both Latino, a bit light skinned and dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Gabriel has blue (and I mean sky blue clear as day) eyes and blonde hair. Yes, people immediately ask me who Gabriel got his eyes from and they look dead in my eyes to see if I have blue eyes. Hubby's side of the family as a couple of kids who have light eyes so I usually just say it's from his side of the family (thought I know this isn't true), it helps to filter questions. Those people that are close to me, I actually tell them it's the syndrome. But, with complete strangers I usually say I don't know where they came from and I leave it at that. They don't pry or ask anymore questions. Hope this helps.

Stephanie - posted on 02/28/2010




Ashley, like others before have said the light hair, skin, and eyes are indicitive of Angelman's. Some families have an easier adjustment to this because they are already fair skinned. Annie has reddish blonde hair, I was a light blonde when I was little and my husband has red hair, so she's a fair mix I'd say. She has blue eyes, which doesn't come from us, its part of angelman's. And both me and my husband are pastey white so we've lucked out there too. Just be carefull of the sun exposure your angel gets because they tend to be very sensitive. SPF 45 is what we use and still have to limit her exposure. Hope this helps clear up some of your questions about what is caused by angelmans and whats not.

Ashley - posted on 02/28/2010




yeah makayla has been the same way no sleep whatso ever but am dealing right know thats all i can do .i don't know it's true you would think makayla was adopted or something the way we look nothing alike and it bothers me sometimes i wish that i knew for sure this is what causes her to look that way.see all of you guys have said that they at least look alil like you or your spouse .makayla takes part in either of us.

Angie - posted on 02/28/2010




angelmans has a big part in that. and i would say if ppl asked that its part of her syndrome and if they ask what just say she has angelmans and if you dont feel like explaining what angelmans is (cuz that does get irritating at times) then tell them they can look it up or nicely have like a printout of what it is and tell them they could read that and let them keep the papers and leave it at that, or nicely tell them that its complicated and they can look it up on the internet.

Christy - posted on 02/28/2010




McKayla looks like me (thank god(her sperm donor walked away)). When I was born my hair was almost white, just like hers was, and I have blue eyes as well, but mine change colors with my mood.

As for when people ask, you can try to explain it to them (I know it's hard sometimes), or nicely tell them to mind their own business :)

Soledad- McKayla was up nice and late last night too. Nothing seems to be helping her get any sleep meaning no one else in my house gets any sleep.

Soledad - posted on 02/28/2010




hey girl...Lily looks like her dad big time...they say this why they did not even think Angelman's but I do know that the syndrome does affect the pigmentation of their hair, skin and eyes....they are all very low level which causes our kids to be very light. I believe Alexa's son is also very light even though they are from a very latino family. Correct me if I am wrong Alexa...I just remember you talking about that too. I am up late now cause Lily is....she wants to party with her parents lol.

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