Did I do the right thing or not??

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So a few weeks ago i went and looked at a horse that i knew was blind when i got there the horse was in bad shape she was very under weight and not getting any attention but she still rode fine. Now i have never owned a horse but have been learning and helping to care for them a lot over the last 2 years so i decided along with my husband to take her in. So a week later she was delivered to me well the guy had forgotten the coggins so i couldnt do anything with her as far as taking her out of her stall at the stable. Finally got that in and now am able to let her out and do a lot more with her. And most the people at the stable are glad i rescued her from where she was she has put on noticible weight and is showing signs she is happy and she looks all around better. Well today i had her out and one of the guy that has a horse out there come up looks at her asks if shes blind then asks why im keeping her like that says shes no good to get rid of her and put her out of her misery. It hit a real soft spot for me becase all though ive only had her a week shes still like another one of my kids to me. So my thing is am i doing right keeping her and caring for her you cant even tell shes blind inless you really look at her eyes. I was in tears over what the guy said part of it is because i just lost a cat that i had for 6 years and was one of my kids pets. I feel im doing the right thing and not only am i helping the horse shes helping me I had a bad case of depression and would go bolistic for no reason well since i got her i have not had any break downs. And another thing the guy didnt let me explain is yes shes blind but she gradually became blind and there is a chance she can regain sight in the one eye at least the other not so much as it was injured before i got her by being kicked by another horse from what i was told. Please tell me what yall think Im a big animal lover and in no way do i want to put such a good one down but want to know what others opinions are.


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Roxanne - posted on 08/11/2010




My oppinion is that if you believe her sight will come back in the one eye then keep doing what you are doing and keep her alive. At my place of work we had a shetland pony who was blind in on eye and done great but she had other health issues that caused her to end up blind in the other eye which was still ok until she got to the point where she couldn't hear. thats when we had to make the decision to put her down.

Naomi - posted on 08/05/2010




First of all my heart goes out to you rescuing this horse :) Second has this person had any credential training of any sort? My advice to you is for your own piece of mind get your horse vet checked....Their advice would be professional and based on a medical point of view...I hope this helps :)

Kim - posted on 08/02/2010




No as long as she isn't in pain your doing the right thing by giving her another chance! I've been around horses since before I could walk.

Leah - posted on 07/26/2010




I feel ya. Ive never had a horse but I personally think that if the blindness is the only problem then she still deserves a good full life. I wouldnt put her down. I know what you mean about them becoming a part of the family. We dont put people down because they are blind. Also thank you for rescuing her.

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