Anxiety Dissorder & Being Mom

Having been told you have Anxiety Dissorder and having to coop with that and having to be a mom and dealing with your day to day routines. How having suc a dissorder and how it affects your life and changes things and still manage your children. where moms can talk and get advice from one another, little tricks of the trade that might help the way you feel so you can be focused on your children and your day to day.


Am I crazy??

I have never had any kind of anxiety until I had my daughter 16 months ago. Now I am on Lexapro and still have anxiety attacks at least once a week. Along with this I worry...


trial and error

one thing i hate that most is the hit and miss with the meds..... im afraid of how they'll end up making me feel, as if i dont feel bad enough already... or will they make me...