4 years old girl with an attitude!!!!!

Rebecca - posted on 08/16/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am at my limit. My 4 year old girl is beyond difient anf moody. She does the exact opposite of anything I say. She acts like I am stupid I can hear her playing in her room when she is suppose to be taking a nap are asleep at night and when I just crack the door open I can hear get up and jump into her bed and act like she is sleeping. all my kids gets 30 min of TV time at night and she has went as far as to wait until I go to bed and turn her tv back on. When I catch her in thing she throws the absolute worse fit that she can inculding kicking, screaming and hitting. Time outs don't work, taking things away, does work, and even though I only use it as a VERY last resort even light butt smacking doesnt work. I am at a loss of what to do. I didnt have the money to sen her and her little brither to daycare so it is just me and them until her older brother comes home at 3 so I am able to give her plenty of attention during the day so it isnt like she need attention. I just dnt know what I am doing worng. Any advice??


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Jenny - posted on 02/18/2012




naps...what are those...all four of my kids stopped taking naps at age two and it just wasn't worth the battle. Pick and choose them is the important thing...we have quite time. This seems to work, they play quitly and i get a break...what i could use advise on is the constant whine from my four yr old girl...i say do you want some cheese and crackers with that whine... her response...no thank you...lol

Lilian - posted on 08/21/2011




you know the sad thing is my son is 4 and he acts the same way , expect he refuses to take a nap .. its take me an hr to two hrs to get him to sleep for bedtime and i even have a schedule of letting him watch tv,bathtime reading a book and then bed.. but the boy doesnt like to listen i usually get i dont love you anymore, or i dont like you im hoping after he starts preschool on the 31st and him seeing other kids he will start getting better here goes to wishing

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