hi there my boys is 4 have a bit of trouble with his speech but nothing too bad


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Kirsty - posted on 04/11/2012




My daughter developed a stutter at around 2.5yo. Where I am they don't like to address it until 3.5yo and after it's been an issued for 12 months and not corrected itself, but hers became quite severe so they started a little earlier (I think she was 3yo). Fast forward to now & she's 5yo and talking fluently again and you wouldn't even know.

My younger daughter is almost 3yo and has developed a similar problem. They're relunctant to start because of her age but I'm thinking about getting her assessed as it seems more than a stutter this time round.

I guess it depends if it's a disfluency, whether his speech hasn't developed at the same rate as his peers, or if having trouble with some sounds.

Is there a local health group near you where you can have him assessed? We are in the public system which is far cheaper than the private therapists

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