Need advice for uncircumcised 3 year old

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My son has been complaining about his "peedoo" hurting. I've been trying to pull the skin back to clean it but it only goes a little way. He then screams and wriggles away from me. I know I need to pull it back further but I don't want to torture my son. It's not red or infected, but I'm afraid it'll end up that way soon if I don't find a way to clean him. I'm not experienced at all with this and daddy's no help.


Eva - posted on 04/15/2010




DO NOT RETRACT THE FORSKIN! that is causing the problems. The forskin will retract on it's own over time. My son is intact as well. Retraction will start anytime between now and 16 or 17 years old. DO NOT RETRACT. retraction is pulling the glands and ripping them apart. the ONLY person who should retract the forskin is the owner of the penis. the forskin will clean itself, have you seen cleanish/off white liquid when you change him? that's the self cleaning mode kicking in. for the outside just wash like and elbow, do not retract to clean inside. 90% of doctors WILL tell you to retract but they are not very informed about proper intact care. I will find links for you.

Allison - posted on 04/13/2010




We don't pull our son's back. It's really closed off, just barely a little hole there. The doctor said we can get a steroid cream for now, to make it open up (takes a couple months to work). But she said even that is not necessary unless it doesn't pull back more by age 5-7, but never to pull on it, because it can lead to scarring and possibly make it heal up worse. She said since it's open enough for pee to come out, that's fine. I've also read other places not to force it back, that it causes scarring, but that some doctors do it anyway :(

Our son also said his hurt when it gets hard (like when he's pooping), but the Dr said it's just because that small hole is getting stretched a little, that's why it hurts, but it's totally natural and fine. He stopped saying that after a few weeks. If it's not really red or infected, I'd say leave it be. We don't really "clean" our son's at all, just let him sit in the tub. I think it's too small for anything to really get in there. If it looks extra red or infected, or if the pee can't come out, ask the Doctor. I would just let him sit in the bath to get it clean, but otherwise don't try to pull on it. That's all I know!


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Hayley - posted on 04/19/2010




My doc said it will naturally start to pull back/release and when that starts it just needs to be pulled back a little for cleaning properly but it shouldn't be forced. Seems there are too many uncertain opinioins on this serious health topic.

Jamie - posted on 04/14/2010




My son is also uncircumcised and his doctor has told us from the beginning not to do anything with it. The studies he has looked at show no benefits to cleaning. If it is still bothering him call your Doctors office and ask them but if it isn't red or infected I wouldn't worry about it.

MICHELLE - posted on 04/12/2010




I didnt have any of my boy's circumcised and I was able to pull my oldest sons foreskin back but my little one does the same as your boy, I can't get near his peedoo. The only thing I can say is let it be. dont force it and try to keep it as clean as you can...My husband is thinking of having my 3yr circumised wich am not to happy about. Good luck and take care

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Took him to his dr. and all he said was pull it back a little more at a time. He said he could refer him to a urologist but they would just "yank it back" and he'll probably bleed and be sore. Scary. Thanks for the advice Amanda!

Amanda - posted on 04/09/2010




i got both of my boys circumcised but maybe take him to the dr. it may not have anything to do with it not being clean.

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