Almost 18 month old only eating jarred foods....any suggestions?

Becky - posted on 09/17/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I hope someone can reassure me on this. My son will be 18 months on October 3rd. As of this day, he will only eat jarred baby food. I have bought those toddler meals to feed him. I have tried adult food. No go on either one. I first tried the toddler meals about 1 year old. He loved them at first. Ate every kind they had. At about 14 months, he started refusing to eat them. I have tried to give him regular food and all he does is purse his lips and spit. Or he throws it on the floor. I don't know what to do. The experts say to keep trying. That is all well and good but those toddler dinners are $3 each. And he won't eat them. I don't want to keep throwing money in the trash by keeping on trying to get him to eat them. The only non jarred foods he eats are french fries and bananas. He will eat a hot dog once in a while (only certain kinds and cooked certain ways). And he eats hot dog buns. Thats all. Is there anything I can do to get him to eat real food? I am so frustrated about this that I am about to cry. I feel like I am starving the poor kid because all he eats is that nasty jarred stuff. HELP!!!


Lisa - posted on 09/18/2009




He will not starve. The nasty Jarred stuff is good to him and it has nutrition...and isn't he on vitamins? My daughter sometimes eats like a bird hardly anything...but the doctor says the vitamins and her milk is just fine. I started feeding her applesauce after jar foods....have you tried that? regular apple suace and get regular can veggies and smoosh them up and he will think they r jarred then slowly leave chunks in them. Hope that will work for you.


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Evelyn - posted on 09/23/2009




i've heard a few ppl have that problem.... i can't really tell you what to do. all i know is i avoided all the premade/jarred meals as much as possible. my daughter has been on solids since she was 4 mos old and i have always made everything fresh for her. she loves to eat! why don't you try giving him fresh foods, add all sorts of veggies to tomato sauce - i put carrots, peppers, onions, etc canned tomatoes, basil and blend it all depending on age. i make chocolate mini muffins with zucchini in them. you can disguise all sorts of good stuff in foods. also don't put salt in foods, they don't need it! i think premade baby food is basically junk food.... why start them on that, they'll only ever want to eat frozen or premade meals! teach them to eat fresh wholesome homemade foods, added bonus they're cheaper!

Kerry - posted on 09/21/2009




My 17 month old has never had jar food as I have made my own pureed foods from the begining as it was much more cost effective for us. She eats everything and anything, fresh or cooked. I think it's a matter of trying to offer the foods. She just eats what we do having said that my four year old was the same and he is the fussiest eater ever so I think it depends alot on the child.

Kellee St - posted on 09/20/2009




I started my daughter on spagetti bol, she loves it and i let her eat everything herself (except mushy stuff) We stopped jarred food pretty early as it was quite expensive and i found she was happiest feeding herself.

Nadine - posted on 09/18/2009




my 17 month old was like that but i put my foot dwn he is still a picky eatter but is eattin dinner with us now we try to make it fun by letting him eat it him self even if he does make a mess but also we all sit up the table with the tv off in the end he see's us eatting it and want's to eat it take a bit of time and you can offer them the same food 15 times b4 they will like it is frustrating but just keep trying..good luck

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