breastmilk vs. solid food

Kelsey - posted on 03/27/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter, Eliana, still loves nursing so much and she really isn't into solid food. She likes to taste it and to play with it but doesn't consume much of it. All the other 12 month old babies I've seen eat three solid meals a day, plus snacks, and still breastfeed. Is my daughter getting enough nourishment by simply breastfeeding at this age? Is there anything I am missing? Any other moms in this same boat, or have any tips?


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Michelle - posted on 03/30/2009




I agree with trying some finger foods. My healthnurse said it was very important to start feeding the child solids at 6 months because the longer you wait it out the tougher it gets. My son was breastfed till 13 months but always ate solids too. A lot of the nursing thing is a comfort for your daughter and while it is still nutritious your child does need to be exposed to other foods such a fruit and veggies and definitely meats or foods high in iron. Sometimes when a child is only tasting or playing with the food it is the texture that isn't agreeing with them. If you are giving her stuff that is very runny try thickening it up with baby cereal. Or if you are giving her stuff that is too thick water it down. I've started both my children on cereal mixed with breast milk and varied the texture according to the child and it seemed to work rather well. After that, I added in various other baby foods.

Mel - posted on 03/28/2009




im not in the same boat but i cant say my daughter has never been fed on demand shes always been on constant feeds with weight problems but as well dietitions tell me that what my daughter intakes is not enough to meet her nutritional requirmenrs but i think your ddaughter may not be getting all the food she needs but if she is still gaining enough weight then i am sure it will all pick up eventually hang in there. my little one is still learning to swallow her food properly and is 12 months

Lindsay - posted on 03/27/2009




My daughter is the same way.  Some days she doesn't eat any solids at all.  She's thriving and happy and meeting all her milestones, and breastmilk is absolutely the best thing she can consume, so I have no worries.  Unless your daughter is failing to thrive, I wouldn't be concerned.

Ashleigh - posted on 03/27/2009




You would be surprised at how much nutrition children can get, even though it looks like they haven't had a lot to eat.  How often do you nurse a day? Maybe try cutting out a nurse and replacing it with a snack, or snuggles etc.  I am just starting to wean my son, and I give him soymilk in a sippy cup to replace the nurses that I take out.  Have you also tried giving her finger foods instead of just the baby food? My son never really ate baby food, and loves to feed himself.  Hope this could help!!

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