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My daughter, now 11 months, seems to have had a change in her sleeping patterns over the last week or so.

She started sleeping through the night at only 4 weeks old and we have had no problems with her for the last 10 months. Now though she wakes at 4am every night, on the dot, screaming blue murder and we are having terrible trouble trying to settle her again. We think it's possibly teeth but have tried panadol & gels. We are at a bit of a loss as to what else to try, can anyone suggest anything?


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Thanks Ladies for your suggestions. She does use a dummy (pacifier) but she's refusing it at that time of morning, even throwing it across the room if you try, she's just that worked up. I shall give the cereal a go though.

Hannah - posted on 03/18/2009




have you tried giving cereal before bed or in the bottle? this has helped my sister in law.

Tiffani - posted on 03/17/2009




Hi anita! My son is also 10 months and feels he needs to wake at 4am every morning also. I tried everything and found that the only thing that helps him get back to sleep is giving him a bottle of milk or formula and he goes right back to sleep. Now here lately a pacifier (as we call it "binky") has helped him a lot other than giving him more milk. So, you might want to try one of those and see what it does for your little one.

Wish you the best!

Let me know how it goes for ya!

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