Flying with a toddler!

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My little boy has just turned 28mth and in a few weeks we will be flying to England.We live in Italy so it isn't a long flight.He is used to flying as this will be the sixth time that we have visited but the problem is the last time we went he had just turned two years old and therefore had to have his own seat and he was supposed to sit in it ( at least for take off and landing! )As soon as we put him in it he started crying and trying to climb on to my knee,which is understandable as all the other times he was allowed to do that! The airline has very strict rules about this and refuse to let him sit on my knee. This will be the first time that I am flying alone with him and I am not looking forward to trying to get him to stay in his seat! Last time I tried new magazines etc and even the bribe of chocolate but nothing worked! I would be really grateful for any ideas or experiences you Mummies have.Thanx a lot.


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My daughter is the same age and will sometimes relax with a bottle at night time on her own. He is probably not using bottles anymore but this might be something he would sit down for and stay still during take off, then you could give him one to land too if it works. How do you manage it in a car? Does he cry then? You just need to tell him that it is time to get in his car seat maybe? And put your arm around him and snuggle. Blankets or pillows from home will sometimes comfort them too. Good luck.

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