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My name is Shalena and I am a mom of 3. My last child was a girl, Camrin, born on April 17th, 2008. She is 10 months now and crawling everywhere. She is pulling up also. I think she will let go very soon and start walking. So far she has her 5th tooth coming in. Chews on everything she can get her hands on. Camrin doesn't sleep through the night yet. We have done some traveling lately and getting ready to move from GA to LA so I feel like she is trying to adjust. Prior to traveling she was only getting up one time during the night. I, myself have adjusted to her getting up very well compared to with my other two children who are boys, Austin and Braden. My oldest didn't sleep through the night until he was almost 2 years old. The youngest boy though started sleeping through the night around 6 months old (I think). The Lord has made me a very strong woman. Hope everyone enjoys the discussion. Can't wait to get to know everyone much better. I truly need support right now with getting ready to move and start a new life. All prayers are appreciated.


Laura - posted on 03/04/2009




hey, my little one is Mattia, he has 5 teeth and startred walking few days ago. Now he's going back and forth from to my sister and he's trying to let the couch go and walk by himself!he doesn't have sleeping problem, but I noticed that when we sleep at my mom's house he's more likely to wake up, then when we're at home! maybe your little baby is really trying to adjust from moving to a place to another. Good luck for your moving and keep posted!

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