How to teach your 3 yr old manners?

Emily - posted on 12/28/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son loves his uncle (my brother) so much so that when we get together at family gatherings, he drives him crazy. He wants all his attention all the time, and is unrelenting until he gets it. He won't let him have a conversation with anyone else, constantly interrupting him, hanging on him, whining, etc. Threats of time outs, us talking to him, has not worked. I know my brother loves him, but I also know that it's getting annoying. Any suggestions for how I should deal with this situation?


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Deborah - posted on 01/20/2012




It's a challenge; my son is that way with Daddy. When he gets home from work I am Nonexistent to him. When it gets to that overbearing state, I distract him. I"ll take him to play in his room or with his toys, but this is all after my son gets some quality time with Daddy. Talk to your brother and see if you can't work out something where when he first comes over, and the anxious need for his attention is at its worst, and have him play with your son for ten or twenty minutes. Have your brother explain that he needs to talk to you so he needs to go play.

Does he 'emulate' your brother? Have your brother show him something neat or tell him something he likes to do and have him set your son to that task. Find an outlet for all that excited energy and direct it at a project (coloring, finger paints, building a tower out of blocks) Have your brother give him something to accomplish and then, once your son is 'involved' in impressing his uncle, have the uncle slowly back off.

How old is your son? my cousin did the same thing to me when he was a child; my parents had to go out of town for a night, so I slept at their house. My cousin saw me brushing my teeth and his mom NEVER had a problem getting him to brush his teeth again.

If your son is old enough, try to get him to encourage educational things: writing his name, numbers, the alphabet.

My daughter is attached to her paternal Grandmother in the same manner. She always messed up the alphabet song, no matter how hard I tried to get her to say it right. I gave up on it for a little while, figuring she wasn't ready. One weekend with grandma and she sang it PERFECTLY.

so it's not a bad thing, just very frustrating. Channel that energy into something productive and I bet your son will amaze you :)

Darcie - posted on 01/15/2012




My 3 year old does that with anyone that comes over to our house. I have tried time outs and talking to her and it does not help. I don't have any suggestions just letting you know my daughter does that too and don't know what to do either.

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