my daughters 10 mnths and only likes to eat sweet food what should i do


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Rachelle - posted on 03/09/2009




my daughter was the same way all i did was feed her the sweet baby foods like sweetpotatoes and things that taste sweet..then try and change it up or add some like chicken and vegetables in her sweetpotatoes that way she will have some vegetable but i mean when they are this young they want what they want..all we can do is try and compramise with them. hope this helps

Kimberly - posted on 03/07/2009




My sister had this problem with her now 8 year old daughter, and she still regrets that she gave in and let her daughter eat almost only the sweet foods (fruits) that she liked. So when my son (who is also now 10 months) started solids, I made sure to feed him veggies only for the first few weeks before I even introduced fruit. Then I only introduced fruit at the end of his meals, which is what he still does now.

If I had to wean a child onto veggies, I might try adding small bits of pureed sweeter veggies (like peas or sweet corn or even broccoli or cauliflower) into the foods they already like. Maybe go 50/50 or something... And then like the other poster mentioned, it seems to me that babies/kids do prefer the orange and yellow (sweeter) veggies like yams, pumpkin, carrots, yellow squash, etc. So those might be a good starting point. My son loves a mixture of pureed broccoli and pureed yams. Sounds weird and looks odd, but he eats it all up! Oh, sorry I'm also rambling here, but pureed steamed pears are a terrific "base" to add other things to. That's how I introduced my son to pureed meats like chicken and beef. Good luck and hang in there! Her taste buds will change many times over the next few years, but you're right (I think) to try to get her to eat more than just sweet foods now.

EmmaGiorgio - posted on 03/07/2009




Quoting Kamaria:

my daughters 10 mnths and only likes to eat sweet food what should i do

mine is the same but i started making her mashed pumpkin becuase its kind of sweet and she loves it and then i slowly introduced tiny bits of mashed potato and broccoli and other vegetables and now she loves it, hope it works for you

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