Need recommendations for a double stroller

Tanya - posted on 11/07/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have a 19 mth old and am expecting another precious angel on 4/28/10... I am looking for a sturdy, lightweight, easy to use double stroller. Please forward me your suggestions. Thanks!


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Melissa - posted on 12/18/2009




the easiest thing i can say is look online. I looked online at thare are alot to pick from. but you also need to look at the price difference that is the worst for me. I pict the infant car seat in the back seat & my toddler in the front seat. the front to back ones are better in the stores rather then the side by side ones.and now most carriages have fairly big wheels on them now. i got lucky, i found my double stroller on the side of the road. there was nothing wrng with it either.

LeeAnn - posted on 12/18/2009




I have a double stroller made by Graco, called the Duo Glider. I really like mine! It comes with an attatchment so you can use an infant seat in back, and a toddler/older baby in front. It also comes with a second removable tray, but I haven't used that yet. It "glides" along the floor and our gravel road pretty easily. I do find myself bumping into things in smaller spaces, however, because it is long. If my older daughter and my younger daughter wouldn't fight the whole time, I would use a twin stroller, that is side by side. I have also read about attatchments for other strollers, if you have one. Some models have additional seats you can add (these are usually the more expensive strollers though), and some have sit and stand attatchments you can use. I like the price for the product of mine, because it was only around $130 from, which I thought was a good deal. You can look at thier other models as well, and choose the one that will suit you best based on consumer reviews, and your own needs. Good Luck and Congrats on the new angel!

Sarah - posted on 11/25/2009




I also have a 19 month old and i'm expecting my second on 26/02/2010. I also asked for suggestions for a double pushchair. I chose the silvercross one, it's in mothercare. But i have decided against a double pushchair. Instead i will be using my sons pushchair for the new baby, as it lays down and faces me. I will be takin a sling with me and if my son gets tired of walking i can put the baby in the sling and let my son get into the pushchair. I will also be investing in a buggy board so my son can sit/stand on that while i push the pushchair. I didn't want to spend loads on a double pushchair because my son is getting my independant and probably by the time the new baby is born, he will want to walk everywhere. But i'd recommend the silvercross double pushchair. Or you could go for the phil and ted one as it's the size of a single pushchair and if you 19 month old doesnt want to be in a pushchair then you can turn the double pushchair into a single one. Mothercare also have this pushchair. Take a look at their website

Heather - posted on 11/23/2009




I have 19 month old twins and the Graco double strollers are the best I have found. They are easy to fold up and they are easy to push, which some I have tried are not!

Melissa - posted on 11/22/2009




check out the graco website I have a 19 month old and a five month old and I have a quattro deluxe and it works well for me!!!

Candice - posted on 11/20/2009




Do you need a stroller with pneumatic tyres? eg. ones you need to pump up. I have got a 19 month old and am expecting another on 17/01/2010 and I live where there aren't a lot of footpaths just dirt tracks so I ended up getting a Double City Jogger Elite as it has pneumatic tyres which can handle off road surfaces, easy to fold in one motion, and has sunshades that can be adjusted to suit you. Plenty of storage space also. It is very comfortable for my toddler and hopefully will be just as good for my newborn. Also your toddler cant see the baby so there will be no 'accidental' hitting :) while you are walking. Only downside is that it is not very lightweight.

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