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Well...I have months as a member and now is that I'm active. Actually I like because all the moms have their child month and year of birth in common April 2008. So all questions , concern, ideas appeals to us due to the fact that we may have same situation with our child. I started reading the "conversations" and the replies and it has been very helpful for me. I take advices but also I share some. I 27 weeks pregnant , due en April again!!! and my daughter is 20 months old. If you check above the category conversations and click there you will see a list of concern, questions, how many moms reply etc... they are once again very helpful. I'm going to accept you to my circle so if you need anything let me know. I see you already have older kids so I'm excited to ask you those stupid questions that we all "first child" moms like to ask... if i need it in the future :)
If someone respond to your conversation like me now it will appears in your email ...
Take care and welcome!!!

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