Tips for a 21 month old to go to sleep by herself.

Evelyn - posted on 02/19/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is still wanting me to rock her until she goes to sleep or i have to walk with her and sing.. and she's getting a little heavy to walk I'm kinda ok with rocking her, she's super attached to my hair she loves playing with it until she goes out.
I've tried to just lay in bed with her but she wants to jump or talk... i've had several ppl tell me just to put her to bed and leave her there and she'll learn to do it herself... but i CAN NOT stand to hear her cry so i've not even tried it!!
Does anyone else have this problem? Please


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Belinda - posted on 02/24/2010




No i dont have this problem because i started putting my daughter to sleep by herself pretty much from when she was born. I've heard that is the best time to start because they won't know any better. But when she was about 1 yr 2 months she got sick with a fever and I would take her with me in my bed because I kept on checking on her during the night. I kept her with me in bed for about 2 nights. So i guess she got used to it and wanted to continue that pattern when she got better. When i would put her in her crib and leave the room she would cry so I would take her back with me in my bed. I did that for about 1 week and had enough. The way I got her out of that habit is by letting her cry and putting on the t.v before i left the room. It took about 2 days, but when she saw I was not coming back to get her, she eventually stopped crying and would fall asleep. The only downside is that now she won't go to sleep without the t.v. on but she goes to sleep by herself. Hope i was somewhat of help :)

Evelyn - posted on 02/22/2010




yes you have helped.. thank you so much!
I'm gonna give this a whirl I just hope she don't cry too much ;o( I can't stand to hear her cry it breaks my heart to
Thank you again!!!

Sharon - posted on 02/21/2010




Hi Evelyn,

No, I don't have this problem, as I started the self-settling technique when my daughter was still young and new no different. She is a beautiful sleeper and normally goes down with no issues! Depending on how stimulated she is before going down. I did however have big issues with my son, as he was a terrible cat napper and reflux baby and I had to rock him, but I did have to get hard with him and start putting him down and letting him cry for a while. It is hard and it is heart breaking, but give it a week and they will realise you mean business and that it is now sleep time!

I used to look after other kids and I had a routine and 5 minutes before sleep time, I used to put some relaxing music on.....they ALL knew as soon as they heard that music it was time to sleep. I was caring for the other kids from when my daughter was about 6 months and she too used to know it was time to go to sleep. I found it was helpful just giving them enough time to finish their lunch, but they also knew what was expected next. Another trick I learnt, was rubbing their back! You rub their back in a downward pattern (never up and down), but you actually put a bit of pressure on the back which surprsingly helps them relax! It worked a treat! I used to do this with the one kid, just to get her to sleep. The trick is to be consistant. At EVERY sleep time, be it going to bed for a nap, or sleep for the night, have the same routine, so your daughter knows that it is now time for sleep and she knows what is expected of her. It will take at least a week or two to come right. Good Luck! Hope I have helped a little!

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