What is the easiest way to get a 1 year old down for a nap?

Ashley - posted on 09/03/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son used to go down for his nap so well now i put him in his crib when he starts getting tired which is around 11 every morning, but lately he has just fought it. I have tried letting him lay in there and cry for a little bit but i can only stand that so long, he has his sippy cup with half water half apply juice, and his favorite stuffed animal, i even tried taking him to my bed and laying with him but he wont do it he just cries, i dont know what else to try?


Carissa - posted on 09/08/2009




Hey..I also agree with the later nap time. Mainly because your kiddo sounds just like mine about a month ago. Her nap time was usually right at 11am also, after lunch and sippy, she would go down no probs...just take her in lay her down with a kiss and I was out the door not to hear a peep for 2-3 hours.

All of a sudden even though she looked a lil tired, she was screaming when I tried to lay her down at nap time, which was so unlike her.....I wondered if she was just getting older and shifting her schedule a bit, so the next day I waited till 12-12:30 instead and YAY she went down pretty much as normal and has since not had any problems.

Though it could be a variety of factors for everyones child..that was my experience :o)

Hope everything works out!

Kveta - posted on 09/08/2009




I put my LO for a nap just after her dinner/lunch. Usually around 12.30 and she'll sleep for 2-3hrs. It works for her as well as me :) Sleeps well through the night too. Also, I've got her used to take her nap in her pushchair when outside and in her cot. So I know she'll always naps at same time, no matter where we are. Small drink of warm milk sometimes helps to get her off too.

Candice - posted on 09/07/2009




i agree a later naptime might help. my daughter goes through a "sleepy" moment at 11 too, but snaps out of it and wakes up again. she's goes for nap between 12 and 12:30. Try keeping her active at 11 to get her through the normal sleepy time. i also use whatever routine i use at night when i put her down for a nap (i won't name the routine or i'm sure i'll get hounded) but you can try that. lol


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Kylie - posted on 09/07/2009




Hi Ashley, Maybe changing his sleep time till later in the day would help, to see if he will happily go down being that little more tired (hopefully). Sometimes we need to change their routine with their guidance.

I went through this a little with my son a few months ago. I tried to give him some more outside active play to burn some extra energy, running around with his little dog, having a chasing game with me. I also gave him a few books to look at in his cot. Recently my son had been standing up and playing in his cot not resting so I would go in and with a slightly louder voice would tell him "laying down its rest time. This method worked great. I sometimes had to go in, lay him down and say it for a second time but then he was fine. My son is now sleeping on his toddler bed for day sleeps and happily lays down with a couple of books. Yesterday he went and sat happily reading on his bed for about 10mins before falling asleep.

Another suggestion is to let your son lay down and watch a small movie for his rest time. This way he is resting and he may even fall asleep while trying to focus on it. I know he is only 16-17months old but I think a little TV doesn't hurt. He needs to rest and you need some time out to relax and get some things done too.

I also agree with Melissa- let him learn to put himself to sleep. He will cry of course- children know what gets their mums attention and that we give in too easily. I started this for my sons day sleeps when he was 6months old. He would have a bottle and music on for relaxation. It does break your heart the first few times they cry but the crying will get less and less.

At this age they are a little more stubborn and smarter so you need to be strong and try a few different strategies to see what works with him.
Good Luck, Kylie

Ashley - posted on 09/03/2009




Braden has been sleeping through the night since he was about a month and a half. He made his own schedule and i have just tried to keep him to it. his bedtime is 8 oclock and when i hear him fuss about 9 i get up with him but my husband usually hears him starting to wake up at 8 and he lays in bed and talks to his stuffed animals till i come get him. He goes to bed fine at night no matter how wide awake he is he know when i put him in bed and say goodnihgt i loveyou and give him a kiss that i wont come in there again and he hardly fusses and just puts himself to bed. Maybe a later naptime would be a good idea, he just usually gets tired at 11 or at least starts getting fussy. But i will try to put him down around 12 30 , cuz i have to pick kids that i babysit up from school at 3 and his naps usually last 2 hours. Thanks for the ideas!

Pamela - posted on 09/03/2009




Does your son sleep thru the night?? Maybe putting him down for a nap at 11 is a little to early ? I put my son down at 1:00 and he sleeps untill 4pm , and what i usaully do is I lay down with him and sing twinkle twinkle little star or hush little baby and rub his back and withen 10 mins hes out cold and i can do whatever for 3 hrs!,

Melissa - posted on 09/03/2009




seriously the best thing you can do is lay him down and let him learn to put himself to sleep...It sounds soo terrible I understand ( I cried the first couple of times I did it) but you need a break too so let him cry and he will fall asleep I never let Elizabeth cry for more than 30 mins..if it's been 30 mins I go in and cuddle her then lie her down again...I say try it but you do have to learn yhour own way...Good luck!

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