what shall i be feeding freya shes 8 months?

Nicola - posted on 12/17/2008 ( 5 moms have responded )




how many bottles shall i be giving freya? and wots sort of food?

At the moment she has 4 bottles a day she also has 3 meals a day have tried giving her toast not sure if that was right or not?

freya has 3 teeth.


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Krista - posted on 12/26/2008




ok am I the only one here that hasn't gave her baby chew food such as cherrio's. I give her at least 2 jars of food a day plus her bottle that has cereal in them. You would think this is number 3 for me it should be easy. My middle child is on a gluten free diet, she was in the hospital at this age of 8 months. this why I am scared to try new things.

Heather - posted on 12/18/2008




Mitchell eats everything.. I just cut it into tiny pieces and he feeds himself... sometimes he lets me help, but he's a do it yourself kind of kid. He's 7 months and has 2 teeth as of yesterday. He seems to only want real food since i gave it to him at thanksgiving.

Becky - posted on 12/18/2008




My daughter will be 8 months on Sundayand she has 2 teeth, the bottom ones! This is her schedule :

7:30 bottle

8:30 fruit and cereal

10:30 bottle

12:30 fruit and veggie

1:30 bottle

3:30 snack (ricecake, toast, rice krispies, gerber puffs, cheerios, gerber cookie,

arrowroot cookie... anything she can feed herself)

4:30 bottle

5:30 fruit and veggie

7:30 bottle

The schedule is flexible depending on her naps, it's a really easy routine! We also offer her a sippy cup of water at breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time! She does amazing with it, it took her about 1 month to figure out how to use it and now she loves it! We tried apple juice but she didn't like it, so we just give her water and she loves it!

Jessica - posted on 12/17/2008




This is from the magazine, Parenting, and it's a daily feeding plan that I have found to be very helpful. You might be able to find the whole plan on their website: www.parenting.com

6-9 months: 24-32 oz. formula (7 oz. per bottle) or 4-5 nursings per day, 1-3 meals per day, each consisting of anywhere from 2 Tbsp. up to whole jar of stage 2 food

Finger foods: (all items should be very soft or easy to chew and small bite-size pieces) banana slices, avocado slices, cooked peas, small peeled peach chunks, shredded cooked chicken, Cheerios, cooked lentils, macaroni or other cut-up cooked pasta, cooked carrot slices, small tofu cubes, soft tortilla pieces, cheese slices, small bites of low-mercury fish, like tilapia

Hope this helps!

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