Your opinion on shoes for little ones?

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My little boy will be one on the 24th.Until now he hasn't worn shoes as I believe he really doesn't need them until he is walking properly.He is starting to stand and walk around the furniture.He has years ahead where he has to wear shoes,I just hope I'm making the right decision not to get some til he ìs walking.What do you think?Thanx


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I agree with everyone else, no real shoes until they start walking. The leather slippers are best in the beginning if only to give the little one some grip to prevent them from slipping onto their face when learning to stand up. After that, my son went into shoes that had a very squishable sole. My favourite brand was Barefoot Walking found at Walmart, very reasonable prices. They are available in different stages depending on where your child is at...crawling, standing, walking, running.... The other thing you want is something simple and quick to put on. My kids practically had to be sat on to get dressed and the last thing I was going to do was fiddle with laces!!!

Julie - posted on 03/28/2009




Everything I've read says they shouldn't wear shoes until they need them to keep their feet protected while walking. We got our son his first shoes when he started to cruise because he insisted on curising everywhere so was always walking. He still never wore his shoes at home or at daycare, only if we were somewhere that was likely to be dirty. We started with a pair of Umi brand shoes, the main thing is you should make sure they're soft enough that you can fold them, especially where the ball of the fit will lie. They should have about one finger's (his, not yours) width longer than his foot. Also, another thing to look for is soles that wrap up around the sides of the shoes. It is really easy for kids to catch an edge of the shoe if they're wearing those little athletic style shoes. When they first begin, you want something that he won't even know he's wearing. There are quite a few good brands out there, stride rite is one of them as another poster mentioned. You will end up dropping at least $30 most likely (our first pair was a whopping $38 I think, ick).

Good luck!

Ashleigh - posted on 03/28/2009




You actually shouldn't put shoes on babies that don't know how to walk yet.  I find using The soft leather based ones are the best - like Robbies etc.  There are some articles that say using the hard soles on the babies feet doesn't really help them with their walking (when they are starting) and it cause some pain for some babies!

Kelly - posted on 03/28/2009




My little girl (a year on April 2) has been in shoes since October (it helped keep the socks on mainly).  She is now cruising and trying to walk.  I have found that a good supportive shoe does help with ankle support but you gotta fork out the money for the good supportive ones (Stride Rite are the best).  However she does use slipper things (leather thing) and socks but walks better with shoes.


However its up to each person on the shoe debate.   Nobody has a clear answer not even doctors.  Hope this helped some.

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