Any other April babies eating purees yet, what and how much?

Stacie - posted on 10/09/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




Isabella is 8 days away from her 6 month mark and she is eating a solid routine of 1st step purees. She gets a 8oz in early morning, 4oz bottle with oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, 4oz bottle with rice and veggies for lunch, 6oz bottle for snack, then a 4oz bottle with veggies and fruit for dinner. It works well for her.


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Makeda - posted on 12/02/2009




My little boy just turned 7 months and he is eating the same way. I usually breastfeed him early in the morning. Than around 9 am he has rice cereal and banannas and than I breatfeed him again. For lunch he has pureed vegies and fruit and breastmilk. I breastfeed him again for a snack. He than has pureed vegies/chicken/turkey and fruit for dinner and I breastfeed him. I also breastfeed him before he goes down around 9pm. As you can see he loves to eat and he is average in weight and size.

Anne - posted on 12/01/2009




my son is 7 1/2 eats a whole jar of second step purees. but only one a day or else is messes with his system

Dawn - posted on 11/25/2009




My baby isn't eating purees - he's eating food, we went baby led rather than puree.


Nicole - posted on 11/07/2009




mmm I think when you wean and how probably depends on your baby, my daughters weight line went horizontal when she hit 5 months, purely breastfed till then. The HV said it could be because of coincide with weaning. So I tried her with lumps of bannana which she loved, ever since then she's been on three full meals a day eating anything that I cook. Spag bol, Fish loads of veg. Not pureed just cut down into small lumps, she has no teeth. I tried her on puree once at first she spat it out and cried. Weird huh. I only BF now three times a day, once in the morning, in the eve then her top up feed at 10.30. Someone recommended a book "baby led weaning" to me which may help some of you. She seems so much happier now for food.

Stephanie - posted on 11/05/2009




My little man has been on solids since 4 mths. He's now on stage 2 with three solid meals a day - cereal for breakfast, fruit & veggie for lunch, meat & fruit for dinner with juice (it helps him eat the meat). We also mix oatmeal with his night time bottle and he sleeps 8-10 hours a night. He also takes about 6 bottles a day. He's very active and burns thru a lot of calories especially in his jumper. He's weighs 16.67 lbs

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hi my boy was born on the 1st of april and he has been eating solids since he was 5 months i no they say not to but he was ready for them he has rice ceral with pureed fruit in it for breaky and he has youghurt n fruit for lunch and he has alot of different veg for dinner with mince meat all mixed together and he loves it and with the amount that he eats his weight is really good i think he is 6months 2 weeks and weighs 8kgs which is just ova 19 pounds i think and he has about 4 200ml bottles a day.

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Billy was born 23 april has baby porridge for breakfast lunch is pureed veg and sweet potato and tea is usually pureed fruit or yoghurt.He only taking about 17oz milk in a day don't know if this is enough or not he obviously not hungry as he as he asleep by 8 every night and doesn't wake til 9 following morning

Natasha - posted on 10/11/2009




Hi, my son was born on April the 16 and he has been having solids since he was 4 months. He has five bottles a day of formula and 3 solid feeds (breakfast, lunch and dinner) each of these feeds he eats about 3 tablespoons. The type of food he eats is pureed pear, apple or banana for breakfast. pureed corn for lunch and pureed sweet potato, pumpkin or corn for dinner. He loves it! :)

Chaimaa - posted on 10/11/2009




my little baby was born in 25 april and she began to eat purees of wath you u want of legums then she took a purees of fruit with some sugar just little coz she need to disting

fruit then legums and she take it solid

for sleeping most of times she can sleep easly 12 hours without weaking up

i hope that my advices can help wish u're baby are in good health

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