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Sarah Chase - posted on 09/01/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




Should I be worried that my son seems stubborn and interested in learning? He will be 17 months old and barely speaks and he does not know certain body parts when asked, nose eyes, mouth ears?
I've heard that boys are slow developers v's girls...our son speaks 5-8 words, but rarely does he share them...
Any ideas??


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Elizabeth - posted on 01/03/2011




hi i have a 20month old that doesnt say more then 3words, she says mummy and cat and just is saying zac(for her brother's name) she does babble, shes only just starting pointing at things such as her nose when u ask her and thats been only in the last week, i went on a speech and lanaguage course at my local sure start centre, and they said just to listen and repeat copy and give as many chances for them to try new words, as you can, i bet your already doing this arent you, i dont think i know all children develop at their own rate, my little girl is my 3rd she is so independent in everything else, ive worked in childcare for 10 years and i wouldnt worry they are all at different stages at the same age, if you still are worried talk to your health visitor, children arent text book so wont all do everything when the books say they will, x

Rachael - posted on 12/04/2010




does he still speak more than three words plus mama and dada? If so then just try to "make" him talk more... (don't give him things until he uses his words ect) What does the babysitter do to assist with speech development? If you are concerned take him for a speech evaluation, even if there is no problem they may be able to give you some great pointers, and if there is any cause for concern they will be able to address it early. Good luck!

Sarah Chase - posted on 12/01/2010




Thanks ladies, I appreciate it...He will be 20 months now and still nothing...Since his baby sister has come along, the speech progress has stopped and now all he does is mimic her.
He seems very independent on doing other things alone also...playing, toys, dvds...I will keep you posted on how things go...
Any suggestions?

Jayde - posted on 11/29/2010




Sarah, i wouldn't be worried hun. My 19month old daughter knows about 15 words & only points to nose & belly button. But at your sons age she was doing the same. My daughter was/is more of an observer & solitary play type toddler. Just be patient over the next few months, toddlers tend to go from speaking very few words to heaps. As long as he understands & responds to simple requests i wouldn't worry. :)

Elena - posted on 11/24/2010




My son is 19 months old and only speaks a few words that NO ONE barely seems to understand but myself. They say its prespeech and he's well on his way but i dont seem satisfied when i hear other children his age say perfect words outloud. (i guess to each their own)

When dressing him for the day, etc i would name the items i would be putting on/taking off of him and i would repeat it several times, he would TRY to repeat. I also leave on a baby channel on tv with music and he seems to get up, dance and try to sing (which allows him to scream out loud certain words) the point of that is to show him its okay to speak outloud what he is thinking because he is learning and he should enjoy it.

Maggie - posted on 09/11/2010




My daughter is 16 months and says a few words but not often. I think she will talk when she is ready. She is an independent little girl and just not as focused on learning words as her big sister was.

Beth - posted on 09/09/2010




hello my name is beth!!!!! my daughter is also 17 month's and say's very few word's but is also want's to learn ... i was woundering if any one has any idia's about her talking....

Hayley - posted on 09/02/2010




my daughter was born 1-04-09 she knows quite a few words, where her eyes, nose mouth, belly button n feet are, she's quite advance, but she'salso shy infront of new people n won't speak around them until she gets used to them, Personally i wouldn't worry at the moment though, he's still very young, n has plenty of time, all children develop at different stages. My little girl likes nursery rymes which she'll watch on my laptop with youtube, they teach her alot! x

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