baby name suggestions begginning with 'm' please


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User - posted on 04/19/2012




Mayda~I was going to use this as my daughter's first name but decided on using it as her middle name.

Maddox for a boy :)

Jennifer - posted on 09/13/2010




Mireille (Meer-ray) French for "God has spoken" and a derivative of Mary... also what we named our daughter

Lindsay - posted on 04/09/2010




My daughter is Matilda - we call her Tilly.
My next favourite name is Martha.
If I had a boy, I would call him Milo.

Danika - posted on 12/03/2009




i just copied the longest list ever for you. i just thought there was so many nice names i didn't know where to start, i hope you don't mind.
so you have them set out like this:
name, meaning, M / F, origin.

Danika - posted on 12/03/2009




Mab Happy F Celtic/Gaelic
Mabel My Beautiful One F English
Mabli Beautiful one F Welsh
Mabyn Ever young F Welsh
Mac Son (of) M Celtic/Gaelic
Macaria Blessed F Greek
Macario Happy M Spanish
Macayle Form of Michaela F Celtic/Gaelic
Macha Aurora F Native American
Machiko Fortunate One F Japanese
Mackenzie Son of Kenneth E Celtic/Gaelic
Macon Maker M German
Macy Enduring F English
Mada The end of the path F Arabic
Maddock Generous, Giving M Welsh
Maddox Son of the Lord E English
Maddy From Madeline F English
Madeleine From the name Madeline F French
Madelia High tower F Greek
Madeline High Tower F Greek
Madelyn High tower F Greek
Madge Pearl F Greek
Madison Son of Matthew E English
Madonna My Lady F Latin
Madra From the name Madonna F Latin
Madrona Mother F Spanish
Mae From the name Mary F Celtic/Gaelic
Maegan Pearl F Celtic/Gaelic
Maeko Truthful Child F Japanese
Maemi Honest Child E Japanese
Maeron Bitter E Celtic/Gaelic
Maeryn Bitter E Celtic/Gaelic
Maeve Goddess of Song F Celtic/Gaelic
Magan Pearl E Greek
Magar Attendant M Armenian
Magda High Tower F Polish
Magdalen High tower F Greek
Magdalena Woman from Magdala F Spanish
Magdalene Woman from Magdala F Latin
Magee Son of Hugh M Celtic/Gaelic
Maggie Pearl F Celtic/Gaelic
Magnar Strength Warrior M Polish
Magnolia From the flower F French
Maha Beautiful Eyes F African
Mahal Love F All Nationalities
Mahala Powerful F Arabic
Mahalah Narrow, tender F Arabic
Mahalia Powerful F American
Mahari Forgiver E African
Mahdi The Expected One E African
Mahdis Moon-like F Persian
Mahina Moon F Hawaiian
Mahlah From Mahala F Arabic
Mahogany Dark Red Wood F English
Mahogony Rich F Spanish
Mahola Dance F Hebrew
Mahon Bear M Celtic/Gaelic
Mahsa Like the moon F Persian
Mai Brightness F Japanese
Maia Mother F Greek
Maida High tower F Greek
Maik Now E Hawaiian
Maili Bitter F Celtic/Gaelic
Maille Form of Molly F Celtic/Gaelic
Maimun Lucky E Arabic
Maina Bird F Hindi
Maine Mainland E French
Maire Bitter F Celtic/Gaelic
Mairead Pearl F Celtic/Gaelic
Mairi Gaelic for Mary, Sea of Bitterness F Celtic/Gaelic
Mairwen Fair Mary F Welsh
Maisha Life F African
Maisie Pearl F Celtic/Gaelic
Maitland Meadow E English
Maj A Pearl E Scandinavian
Maja Splendid F Arabic
Majed Praise M Arabic
Major Better M Latin
Makaila Who is Like God F American
Makaio Gift of God E Hawaiian
Makala Shrub F Hawaiian
Makalo Wondering M African
Makan Wind M Hawaiian
Makana Gift F Hawaiian
Makani The wind E Hawaiian
Makara Born under Capricorn F Hindi
Makayla Who is like God? F Celtic/Gaelic
Makelina From Magdelene F Hawaiian
Makenna From McKenna F Celtic/Gaelic
Makoto Sincere, Honest M Japanese
Makya One who Hunts Eagles E Native American
Mala High tower F Greek
Malachi My Messenger M Hebrew
Malaika Angel F African
Malana Light F Hawaiian
Malaya Free F Spanish
Malcolm Follower fof St. Columbus M Celtic/Gaelic
Maleah Bitter F Hawaiian
Malha Queen F Hebrew
Mali Flower F Thai
Malia Calm and peaceful F Hawaiian
Malik King F African
Malika Industrious F Hungarian
Malina Tower, Soothing F Hebrew
Malinda Honey F Greek
Malini Gardender F Hindi
Malise Black, Dark F Celtic/Gaelic
Malissa Honey bee F Greek
Malkia Queen F African
Mallika Jasmine F Hindi
Malloren Laurel of Bad Luck F American
Mallorie Ill-Omened F French
Mallory Ill-Omened F French
Mallow By the River Allo E Celtic/Gaelic
Malo Winner M Hawaiian
Malory Bad Luck E French
Malvina Chief F English
Manasa Mind F Hindi
Manda River F Hindi
Mandana Everlasting F Persian
Mandar Tree of Heaven M Hindi
Mandara Calm F Hindi
Mandel Almond E German
Mandelina Lovable F American
Mandell Almond E German
Mandisa Sweet F African
Mandy Worthy of Love F Latin
Manelin Prince of princes M Persian
Manica From the Nica F African
Manjit Conqueror of Knowledge M Hindi
Manju Sweet F Hindi
Manning Son of Man E English
Manny Short for Manuel M Spanish
Manon Bitter F French
Manoush Sweet Sun F Persian
Mansa Third born girl F African
Mansour One who triumphs M Arabic
Manton From Mann's Estate M English
Mantreh Pure F Persian
Manuel God In Us M Hebrew
Manuela God is With Us F Hebrew
Mar The Sea E Spanish
Mara Bitter Sea F Hebrew
Maralah Born During an Earthquake F Native American
Marc Warlike M Latin
Marcel Young Warrior M French
Marcell Warlike M Latin
Marcella Young Warrior F Latin
Marcello Young Warrior M Latin
Marcellus Young Warrior M Latin
Marcena Martial F Latin
March Walk Forth E Latin
Marci Martial F Latin
Marcia Brave F Latin
Marcie Warlike F English
Marco From the name Marc M Italian
Marcus Warlike M Latin
Marcy Martial F Latin
Mardea Last F African
Mardi Tuesday F French
Mare The Sea E French
Maree From Mary or Marie F Hebrew
Marek Warlike E Polish
Maren Of the Sea F Latin
Marenda Admirable F Latin
Margaret A Pearl F Latin
Margarita A Pearl F Spanish
Margaux Pearl F French
Marge Pearl F American
Marged Pearl F Welsh
Margie Pearl English
Margo Pearl F French
Margot Pearl F French
Marguerite Pearl F French
Mari Wished-For Child F Hebrew
Maria Bitter Sea F Spanish
Mariah Bitter, God is my Teacher F Latin
Mariam Wished-For Child F Hebrew
Marian From Mary and Ann F English
Mariana Combination of Mary and Ann F Spanish
Marianne From Mary and Anna F French
Mariatu Pure E African
Maribel Bitter; consecrated to God F Spanish
Maribeth Bitter Sea, House of God F American
Marie Bitter Sea F French
Mariel Bitter Sea F German
Marietta Little Bitter F English
Mariette Little Bitter F French
Marigold Golden Flower F English
Marijke Bitter F Slavic
Marika Bitter F Polish
Mariko Circle F Japanese
Marilee Combination of Mary and Lee F American
Marilu From Mary and Lucille F American
Marilyn Descendants of Mary F Hebrew
Marin Of the Sea E Latin
Marina From the Sea F Slavic
Marinel Of the Sea E Latin
Mario Sailor M Italian
Marion From Mary and Anna E Hebrew
Maris Of the Sea F Greek
Marisa Of the Sea F Latin
Marisela From the Sea F Latin
Mariska Of the Sea F Hungarian
Marisol Sunny Sea F Spanish
Marissa Of the Sea F Latin
Marius Sailor, Roman Clan Name M Latin
Marja Sadness from the sea F Scandinavian
Marjean Coral, Gracious F Celtic/Gaelic
Marjorie Pearl F Greek
Mark Warlike M Latin
Marka Steady Rain F African
Markku Rebellious E Scandinavian
Marla High Tower F Greek
Marlas High Tower E Greek
Marlee Descendents of Mary F American
Marlene From Marilyn F German
Marli From Marilyn F English
Marlie From Marilyn F American
Marlin Bitter E Hebrew
Marlis Bitter F German
Marlo Decendent of Mary F English
Marlon Wild Falcon M French
Marlow Slope by the Pond E English
Marly From Marilyn F English
Marnie From the Sea F American
Marnin Joy Giver E Hebrew
Marnina Rejoice F Hebrew
Maro Myself E Japanese
Marrim Chinese Tribe E English
Marsha Form of Marcia F Latin
Marshall Horse Keeper M French
Marta From Martha F English
Martha Lady F Hebrew
Martin Warlike M Latin
Martina Who Loves Everyone, Warlike F Latin
Martine Warlike one F French
Marty Warlike M Latin
Marv Friend of the Sea M American
Marva Marvelous F Latin
Marvel To Wonder, Admire E French
Marvela Marvelous F French
Marvene From Marvin F Celtic/Gaelic
Marvin Friend of the Sea M English
Mary Bitter F Hebrew
Masako Justice F Japanese
Mashaka Trouble E African
Mason Stone worker E French
Massimo Greatest M Italian
Matana Blessing F Hebrew
Mateja Gift of God F French
Mateo Devoted to God M Greek
Materia Of the Human World F Latin
Mathilda Might, Power F German
Mathilde From Matilda F French
Matia From Matilda F Spanish
Matias Var. of Matthias E Spanish
Matilda Might, Power F German
Matilde Strong in War F German
Matsu Pine M Japanese
Matt From Matthew M Hebrew
Matteo From Matthew M Italian
Matthew God's Gift M Hebrew
Matthias God's Gift M Greek
Mattox God's Gift E English
Matty Strong fighter E German
Maude From Madeline F French
Mauli Black E Hawaiian
Maura Dark F Celtic/Gaelic
Maureen Dark F Celtic/Gaelic
Maurice Moor, Dark Skinned M French
Maurilio Moor M Italian
Maurizio Moor, Dark Haired M Italian
Mauro Of Brown Skin M Latin
Mauve Purplish Color F American
Mave Happiness F Celtic/Gaelic
Maverick Wildly Independent E American
Mavis The Thrush F English
Max Greatest M Latin
Maxim Greatest M Latin
Maxima Miracle Worker F Latin
Maxime Greatest F French
Maximilian Great M Latin
Maximos Greatest M Greek
Maximus Greatest M Greek
Maxine Greatest F Latin
Maxwell Great Spring M English
May From Mary - bitter heart F Latin
Maya Mother F Greek
Mayda Maiden F English
Mayes A Field E English
Maylin Great Waterfall F American
Maynard Powerful, brave M English
Mayten Born on the 10th of May F American
Mckale Who is like God? E Celtic/Gaelic
Mckayla Who is like God? F Celtic/Gaelic
Mckenna Son of Ken or Kenna E Celtic/Gaelic
Mckile Son of Kile M Celtic/Gaelic
Mea Mine F Italian
Mead From the Meadow E English
Meadow Beautiful Field F American
Meagan Pearl F Celtic/Gaelic
Meaghan A Pearl F Celtic/Gaelic
Meara Filled with mirth F Celtic/Gaelic
Meda Prophet F Native American
Medea Goddess/Sorceress F Greek
Media Communication F Greek
Medwin Powerful friend M German
Meena Blue Gem Stone F Hindi
Meg Pearl F Celtic/Gaelic
Megan Soft and gentle F Celtic/Gaelic
Megara Pearl F Greek
Meghan Pearl F Celtic/Gaelic
Meghana Cloud F Hindi
Mei May F Hawaiian
Meir One Who Shines M Hebrew
Meira Light F Hebrew
Mekelle Who is like God? F African-American
Mel Mill Worker E Celtic/Gaelic
Melaney Dark F Greek
Melangell Sweet Angel F Welsh
Melania Dark Skinned F Latin
Melanie Dark-Skinned F Greek
Melanion Color M Greek
Melantha Dark Violet F Greek
Melba Thin Skinned F Greek
Melchior A King M Polish
Mele Merry M Hawaiian
Meli Bitter E Native American
Melia Flatterer, Industrious F German
Melina Bright Yellow F Greek
Melinda Honey F Greek
Meliora Better F Latin
Melisande Honey Bee F French
Melissa A Honey Bee F Greek
Melissan From Melisande - strength F German
Melita Form of Melissa F Italian
Melodie Song, Melody F French
Melody Song-like F Greek
Melora Combination of Melissa and Lora F American
Melosa Sweetlike F Spanish
Melva Armored F Celtic/Gaelic
Melvin Mill Worker M English
Melvina Armored Chief F Celtic/Gaelic
Melvyn Mill Worker M Celtic/Gaelic
Memphis Good Place to Live F Egyptian
Mendel Scholarly Accomplishments M Hebrew
Menefer Beautiful City E Egyptian
Menora Candelabra F Hebrew
Mercedes Merciful F Spanish
Mercer Merchant E English
Mercia Mercy F English
Mercury God of Trade E Latin
Mercy Compassion F English
Meredith Protector from the Sea F Welsh
Meria Rebellious One F African
Meriel Shining Sea F Celtic/Gaelic
Meris Of the Sea E Latin
Merle Falcon M English
Merlin By the Sea M English
Merrill Falcon E English
Merritt Deserving of Good Fortune E Latin
Merry From Meridith - or Happy F English
Merton Town near the Pond E English
Merv Loves the Sea M Celtic/Gaelic
Mervin Loves the sea M Celtic/Gaelic
Mervyn From Marvin M Celtic/Gaelic
Meryl Falcon E English
Meryle From Merle E French
Messina The Spoiler E African
Metea Gentle F Greek
Metta Diminutive - Margareta - Pearl F Scandinavian
Mhina Delightful E African
Mia Mine F Latin
Miach Medic M Celtic/Gaelic
Miakoda Power of the Moon F Native American
Micah Who is like God M Hebrew
Michael Who is like God? M Hebrew
Michaela Feminine form of Michael F Celtic/Gaelic
Micheal Form of Michael E American
Michel Form of Michael M French
Michele Form of Michael F French
Micheline Who Is Like God F French
Michelle Who is like God? F French
Michi Righteous Way F Japanese
Michiko Beauty, Wisdom F Japanese
Michon Who is like God E Hebrew
Mick Form of Michael M English
Mickey Form of Michael E American
Micol Queen F Hebrew
Midori Green F Japanese
Mieko Already Prosperous F Japanese
Miette Small Sweet Thing F French
Mignon Delicate, Graceful F French
Miguel Who is l ike God? M Spanish
Mihaly Who is like God? M Hungarian
Mika Wise Little Raccoon E Native American
Mikaia God's Earth F American
Mikaili God Like E African
Mikasi Coyote M Native American
Mike Who is like God? M Hebrew
Mikel Who is Like God? M American
Mikhail Form of Michael M Slavic
Miki Flower Stalk F Japanese
Mikkel Who is like God? E German
Mikko Who is like God? M Scandinavian
Milagro Miracle M Spanish
Milan From the city of Milan E Latin
Milandu A Case to Answer E African
Mildred Mild Strength F English
Milek Victorious People M Polish
Miles Soldier M Greek
Mili Virtuous? F Hebrew
Miliani Gentle Caress F Hawaiian
Milica Ruler F Slavic
Milla Industrious F German
Miller Mill Worker E English
Millicent Ambitious F Greek
Millie From the name Mildred F English
Mills Near the Mills E English
Milly From MIildred F English
Milo From the name Miles M German
Milt From the Mill Town M English
Milton From the Mill Town M English
Mimi Faithful Guard F French
Mimir God of Prophecy E Scandinavian
Mimis Goddess of Harvest F Greek
Mina South F Japanese
Minda Knowledge F Hindi
Mindy Honey F Greek
Minerva Goddess of Wisdom F Latin
Ming Yue Bright Moon E Chinese
Mingan Grey Wolf M Native American
Minh Bright and clever M Vietnamese
Miniya Much Expected of Her F African
Minjonet Petite blue flower F French
Minna Protection F German
Minnie Bitter F Celtic/Gaelic
Minor Junior, Younger E American
Minowa Moving Voice F Native American
Minty Collector of Thoughts, Determined Protector E English
Minya Older Sister F Native American
Mio Mine M Spanish
Mira Behold, Admirable F Latin
Mirabel Of Uncommon Beauty F Spanish
Mirabelle Of wondrous Beauty F French
Miracle Divine Act E American
Miranda Admirable, Beautiful F Latin
Mirari Miracle F Portuguese
Mircea Mercy F American
Mireille God Has Spoken F Hebrew
Mirella Jehovah Spoke F Hebrew
Mireya Got Has Spoken F Hebrew
Miriam Mistress of the Sea F Hebrew
Mirielle She is Bitter F French
Mirit Bitter E Hebrew
Miroslav Peace Celebration M Russian
Mirra Behold, Admirable F Latin
Misae White Hot Sun E Native American
Misha From the name MICHAEL E Russian
Missy Form of MELISSA American
Mistico Mystic F Italian
Misty Covered With Mist, Dew F American
Misu Ripples in the Water E Native American
Mita Myth F Italian
Mitch Who is like God? M American
Mitchell Who is like God? M American
Mitsu Light E Japanese
Miya Sacred House F Japanese
Miyanda Roots F African
Miyo Beautiful Child F Japanese
Miyoko Beautiful Child F Japanese
Mizell Tiny Gnat E English
Mliss Flower F Cambodian
Mo Dark Skinned E American
Moana Ocean F Hawaiian
Moanna Ocean F Hawaiian
Modesta Shy, Modest F Latin
Modesty Without Conceit F American
Moe Dark Skinned M English
Moesha Drawn Out of the Water F African-American
Moeshe Drawn Out of the Water M Hebrew
Mohammed From the name MUHAMMAD M Arabic
Mohan Attractive M Hindi
Mohawk Native American Tribe Name M Native American
Moira Bitter F Celtic/Gaelic
Moke Form of Moses E Hawaiian
Molimo Bear Walking Into Shade M Native American
Molly Bitter F Hebrew
Mona Royal F Greek
Monahan Religious Man E Celtic/Gaelic
Monet Solitary E French
Monica Advisor F Greek
Monifa I am Lucky F Egyptian
Monique Advisor F French
Monisha Solitary Life F African-American
Monita Noble F Spanish
Monroe Near the river Roe E Celtic/Gaelic
Montague Sharp Cliff M French
Montana Mountain E Latin
Monte From the name MONTGOMERY M English
Montego Mountainous M Spanish
Montenegro Black Mountain M Spanish
Montgomery Of the Mountain M English
Montsho Black F African
Monty From the name MONTGOMERY M English
Moon From the Moon E American
Moon-Unit One that Orbits the Moon E American
Mora Sweet Berry F Spanish
Morag Embracing the sun F Celtic/Gaelic
Moral Lovely Thoughts E American
Morathi Wise Man M African
Mordecai Warrior, Warlike M Hebrew
More Great E English
Morela Brunette F Portuguese
Morey From the name MORRIS E American
Morgan The Edge of the Sea E Welsh
Morgana Seashore F Welsh
Moriah God is my Teacher F Hebrew
Morley Of the Moor E English
Morna Affection, Beloved F Celtic/Gaelic
Morpheus God of Dreams M Greek
Morrie Moor M American
Morrigan War Goddess E Celtic/Gaelic
Morris Dark Skinned M Latin
Morrisa Dark One F Latin
Morrison Son of Morris E English
Morse Of the Moors M English
Mort Moor M English
Mortimer Still water M French
Morton From the Town Near the Moor M English
Morty From the name MORTIMER M French
Morwen Young girl F Welsh
Morwenna Sea Wave F Welsh
Moses Drawn Out of the Water M Greek
Moshe From the name MOSES M Hebrew
Moss From the Water M All Nationalities
Mostyn Fortress in a Field E Welsh
Moya Great F Spanish
Mrinal Lotus Blossom F Hindi
Muhammad Praised M Arabic
Mulan Magnolia Blossom F Chinese
Muna The Lord is With You F African
Muncel Strong and willing F African-American
Munin Memory E Scandinavian
Muniya Small Bird F Hindi
Mura Village F Japanese
Muriel From the name MERLE F Celtic/Gaelic
Murphy Sea Warrior E Celtic/Gaelic
Murray Sailor E Scandinavian
Murron Bitter E Celtic/Gaelic
Musoke Rainbow E African
Mutia Honored One F African
Mya Emerald F Hawaiian
Myeisha One Who is Loved Greatly F African
Mykelti Who is like God? M African-American
Myles Soldier E Greek
Myra From the name MIRANDA F Latin
Myrilla Wonderful F Latin
Myrna Beloved F Celtic/Gaelic
Myron Fragrant Balm M Greek
Myrrh Natural Scent F Egyptian
Myrtle The Tree/Victory F Greek
Mystery Unknown, Question F American

Melinda - posted on 06/04/2009




For a girl: Madison, Melissa, Mary, Matilda, Melinda (lol), Michelle, Montana, Monica, Megan, Morgan, Molly, Mikayla.

For a boy: Myles, Michael, Morgan, Mason, Mitchell, Milo, McKenzie, Max, Matthew, Malcolm.

Hope this helps you.

Terri - posted on 03/27/2009




i do have a really nice girls name i actually naming my girl this but since we will never meet i wil share lol matilda

[deleted account]

For a girl:  Maya, Mia, Madeline, McKenna, Macy

For a boy:  Mason, Marcus, Maddox, Micah, Mateo


I hope this helps!

Maggie - posted on 03/20/2009




Here are some for a boy and girl..












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