Seperation anxiety at 8 months

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I have a nineteen month old son who has been going to stay with his like grandma occasionally since birth, with no problems. I also have a eight month old daughter who has never been away from me more than a few hours, I cant leave her sight without her going crazy, she cries and screams and goes all over the house until she finds me. I spend plenty of alone time but its like she is afraid I am not coming back. She even cries if her daddy is taking care of her. I am a stay at home mom, but still have times where I need her to entertain herself so I can fix lunches or put her brother down for a nap. Please any suggestions would be wonderful... I really need the help. I have asked her like grandma to take her for a weekend to see if that helps, and she may but she is afraid it will be hard on her if my daughter does nothing but scream and cry


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Debra - posted on 04/23/2010




You really need to start socializing her, if you can once a week or leave her with dad or at a friends, go shopping or something. She will begin to understand that you will return, right now her memory is to short to understand that. But it will get worse if you don't do something now.

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