2 year old and a newborn

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just wondering how other mommies are dealing with sibling interaction?


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Alanah - posted on 08/16/2009




I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old both boys and have done much the same as Sian. I have found my 2 year old is the sweetest most protective big brother 97% of the time, the other 3% is the times when he gets really over excited and has no intent but just a little to much gusto!!

Sian - posted on 06/22/2009




i hav a 2 yr old girl and a 2 month old girl. my 2 yr old enjoys helping change the nappy, getting the wipes ready etc.. She also helps choose which outfit her lil sister wil wear. we read books as a trio and sing songs, i tell her she is teaching her sister the words. the most important thing i find tho is making sure when the baby is sleeping, giving her 1:1 attention, playing games, painting etc..

Lissa - posted on 06/21/2009




I have done the same as "ginnie" has done. I have a three and a half year old daughter and a newborn baby girl and so far, the older one is just very interested in the newborn only when other people come to visit. Otherwise, she stays away from her and does her own thing. I have tried to encourage interaction by having the older one help me get the wipes ready, or open up the diaper, or sing the "abc's" to her while I am breastfeeding. It helps and sometimes it works and other times the older one gets bored and doesn't want to be involved but I figure it will get more interesting as the newborn gets more active. :)

Ginnie - posted on 06/21/2009




i have a 2 year boy and a 2mth. old girl.we encourage to help out where he can.like getting diapers and wipes. and he will sit there durind feedings. and i ever starting bathing them together.he loves that he can be helpful.

User - posted on 06/18/2009




I have another son who is about to turn 3 as well as a newborn and an 8 year old. The middle one has turned into a horror! Acting out, the toilet training has gone right out the window etc. we are having a rough time with him. The 8 year old is great though. Any suggestions for the 2 year old would be great especially about getting the toilet training back!

Kim - posted on 06/18/2009




I have a 5 y/o and a 2 y/o that get along only when mommy is punishing one of them and they like to console eachother. And they both love my 2 m/o and always want to pick him up. But they do get extremely jealous when i'm giving one certain one attention. Im tired but making it. I also take vitamins everyday, especially b-12. It really helps.

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