April baby feeding schedule

Jennifer - posted on 12/27/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Trying to set up a healthy feeding routine for my baby girl now that she is drinking less formula and eating more solids. Wondering what and when other April 2009 babies are eating? Please help!


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Amanda - posted on 12/30/2009




my baby boy does not really have a morning time he gets up but if he gets up before 10am he gets just a 6oz formula bottle and then usually about 12-1230 he will get a 2nd stage jar of a veggie and a 6oz bottle that sometimes he does not finish but most of the time does, then between lunch and dinner he will get 3 oz of juice dialuted with 3-4 oz of water, dinner is usually about 5-6pm and he will get a 2nd stage jar of the dinner baby food (its the meat and veggie mix) and a 6oz bottle and then he goes to bed between 915 and 1015 with a 2nd stage jar fruit and 1/4 baby cereal mixed with an oz of formula and then the remaining 5 oz of fomula from the 6oz bottle I make I hope this is helpful

Siobhan - posted on 12/28/2009




My DD's (who is 9 months) routine is as follows

8.30/9.00 - gets up and has 8oz bottle

10.00 - weetabix

1.00 - lunch (usually homemade soup & brown bread)

1.30 - sleep for about 3 hours

4.00/4.30 - snack - (either fruit or a petti fleur)

6.00 - dinner (usually 3 cubes of veg with sweet potato or one of annabel karmel's 6-9 month recipes - then some fruit as finger food - banana/apple/strawberries/pear

7.00 - 8oz bottle

7.30 - bed

My DD has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks. She doesn't get juice in her beaker, just water nor do we give her biscuits or any sweets of any description. What she's never she won't miss so I try to not introduce anything like that which is why she is such a good eater. I believe a health diet is one of the best starts you can give. She hasn't refused anything yet and will snack on a florete of brocolli if that's what she's given.

Kelly - posted on 12/28/2009




my girl wakes at 8 has a bottled mixed into her breakfast at 8.30 and then has lunch about 11.30 and then a bottle between 1-2 and then tea at 4-430 and bottle at 645 then bed, we did try switching her lunch and mid bottle around but it ment she wouldnt eat much lunch and her evening bottle she would want only a few oz, and she has to have 20 oz a day so this way works best but she put herself into this feeding routine.

Jennifer - posted on 12/28/2009




My daughter nurses on demand whenever she is hungry or signs milk. I don't do structured food schedules for my kids until they older (over a year). She sits at the table with us for all meals and eats what we eat. Other than that, we have no routine for food yet.

Mel - posted on 12/27/2009




My son wakes at about 5.30 and has a bottle about an hour later he has some cereal with fruit (of some sort) and we give him some toast to chew on. He has another bottle for his nap at about 8.00. When he wakes at about 10.30 he has morning tea, usually something like a dried apple and some more fruit (banana, watermelon or something along those lines. He has luch at around 12 in which i give him some yoghurt, and then will let him feed himself with various things cut into finger, cheese, fruit, bread, ham, whatever i seem to find. Most of the stuff i leave for him to feed himself with doesn't get eaten anyway, its more for him to feel and touch all about texture. He'll have another nap at about 2pm in which i'll give him a bottle beforehand. He has dinner at about 5pm. I give him vegies and usually something like fish fingers or mince or some sort of mince mixed through. Then another bottle before bed at about 8.

You will learn to read when your daughter is ready to eat and when she isn't hungry. I sometimes feel like i'm giving isaac food all day and then other days he is throwing stuff at me when i give it to him.

I do make homemade dinners for Isaac. It is easy and also cheaper. Atleast i know what is going into it. He has loads of vegies and loads of fruit. Another good thing i have given him, instead of baby yoghurt i give him natural yoghurt with some sort of fruit mixed through (peaches, pears, apple what ever you have in the fridge). It is preservative free and is lower in sugar. On saying that i do have baby yoghurt aswell its easier if your going out to just grab a tub and go. Also things like homemade pikelets and muffins and things like that are good to get fruit and vegies into your baby.

Good luck with it all Jennifer.

Michelle - posted on 12/27/2009




My daughter gets up in the morning around 8:00 by 8:30 we usually have cereal of some sort she has a real fondness for finger foods now so we use real cereal, oatmeal. She then is up usually for another hour goes down for a nap, where she will have a bottle. Then is up again between 11:30-12:00 and is ready for lunch where she eats half of one of the bigger bottles of baby food with the chunks in it then usually has a yogurt or a motts fruitsation applesauce. She will go down for a nap with another bottle, she is up again at 3 has a snack of more finger foods we then eat supper around 5:00 which is the other half of the jar of food she had for lunch

then she has another bottle at bedtime

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