does your breastfed 10mth old eat much solids? Do you have a good feeding schedule?

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My 10mth old son is an "exclusive" breasteater. :) I didn't start trying him on any solids not even cereal until he was almost 6 months & have slowly introduced baby food to him since. He didnt (& still doesn't) like cereals & will NOT take a bottle. He does drink some water, juice, yogurt juice out of a sippy cup with some assistance from me (mostly to tilt it up). He'll eat some baby (solid) foods sometimes but not consistently. ?? One day he loves it the next day wants nothing to do with it! He does love unsalted crackers; he will eat those everyday & all day if I would let him :) I feel that if I could get him to eat more food during the day he would nurse a little less & give me a break to replenish! It's coming to the point where I'm not enjoying bfing as much any more cause I feel like that is all I do! :( Any suggestions or advice? Please Help!!!


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my daughter is exactly the same way! She will eat solid foods for my family though when I am gone to school or clinical. And she doesn't take to the bottle of breast milk they try to give her. She prefers it straight from me. I have a very good friend who is trying to become an LC who is so very knowledgeable about bf. She always tells me that breastmilk is my baby's MAIN source of nutrition for the first yr and that I shouldn't worry about what else she might eat. Now, after the year mark, I'm not sure. But, I really do think it will all work itself out for both of us. I think our babies will eventually start taking to food more. We know that our breast milk is SO good for them!!!! So, I would encourage you not to worry too much. If this really is starting to get to you, I can get you in touch with my very knowledgeable friend. She absolutely loves helping bf mommies. It is truly her passion in life. She just graduated nursing school and I am about to graduate in May. So, she knows what she's talking about! I am so happy that you were able to bf for so long! The American Pediatric Association recommends doing it for at LEAST the first year! So good for our babies! Mine has only been sick once with a mild cold (she is the same age as yours) and I just know it's because of all those antibodies I passed on to her thru bm. Keep on truckin!!!

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My son loves the milk too, and he eats a lot of it. But he is very interested in solids, and loves to explore them. The amounts are still very small.

I can't really tell you what to do, but here's what I would do:

For example with a pear.

Show him the pear and cut a piece so he can see it, peel it and eat it with big mumumum noises and look happy. Don't stress. And then cut him a piece and let him just explore it! Babies put everything in their mouths, right! You can work with that, take advantage of it!

Give him plenty of different kinds of fruits and vegetables and berries like this and let him make a mess!

Quite honestly I don't get what's with the rice cereal and Americans.. Just forget about cereal!


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