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Amy - posted on 01/03/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I started giving my baby (8 1/2 mos.) foods to pick up with her hands, and she can pick up everything I give her. She also is able to put things into her own mouth using the pincer grip (index finger and thumb). I guess she just doesn't want to eat the things I give her. She is also teething and maybe doesn't want to eat stuff that's solid yet b/c it hurts her gums (she has no teeth as of today). I guess my question is: is anyone else having this problem? If so, did you find any foods that baby would eat?


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Stephanie - posted on 01/03/2010




My son has been eating finger foods for a while, he LOVES 'puffs'. I bought some that were Sweet Potatoe, Banana, and a few other fruit types. I put them on his high chair try and I had to put the first few in his mouth and told him 'eat'. He watched me eat something similar and he copied me. Now, he eats just about anything (he ate some cooked garlic a few weeks ago and LOVED it). Hummus, tomatoes (cut very very small), sliced olives, banana cut into thin strips, cinnamon roll in small pieces; almost anything. Fruit seems to be the easiest thing for babies to eat since it's sweet. He opens his mouth when he sees my hsuband or I eating something and we let him have a taste whenever possible (made/torn/cut baby size). My little one is teething right now, but he still has an appetite.

IF your little one won't eat finger foods, just keep with baby food and add in some very small diced fruit or vegies, or try some pasta that is cut small.

Jillian - posted on 01/03/2010




my daughter did the same thing. i just kept offering it to her, i would try putting it in her mouth, she really liked it and after as little while she realized, oh i can put this in my mouth and it tastes good! i should mention i was geting really frustrated because anything she found on the floor went strait into her mouth, but she just wanted to play with her food in her hands and not eat it. also some advice i got was to limit the amount and variety you put in front of her. if there is only one thing there its easy to pick it up and eat it but if there is a bunch of things and they are not all the same, it gets confusing and she would rather just smack the tray and watch them fly all over the floor! that also helped me alot.

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