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Any one else finding their child has food allergies. Before he was a month old he was off milk base formula and onto soy. This is after switiching him many times, At 4 months we started single grain cereal with a lil fruit for flavor (he wouldnt eat it with out the fruit, hes not stupid he knows lol). Now just turning 6 months I started him on veggies and juice, my Dr, told me what to give him and how much to give him. Green beans earned us a trip to the ER. That was the worst thing I have ever gone through at this point in my life and hopefully it will stay the worst. Now I cant link it to anything he breaks out in rashes on his face and upper chest, and I am scared to death to give him a veggy thats green, in case it wasnt green beans it was just because its green. I can feed him the same thing for 4 days in a row and on day 5 we get a rash. Now hes cutting a tooth and every time I give him tylenol he starts to cough like it chokes him. My Drs. answer is to keep a diary, which we do, take pics of the rash, which ive been doing and if he gets the rash or a reaction during his hrs im to take him in so he can see it. Sorry I know this is long but its frustrating and wondering if im the only one fighting this with no cause


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Hi Jennie!

My son isn't allergic to anything so far, but I am. That is why I must be careful when I give new kinds of food to him. (If he has inherited my allergies...) Our child health center has given us instructions how to test new food:

- Try the new food carefully, just few spoonfuls per meal.

- If there isn't any allergic reactions for couple of days, you can use this food. (It doesn't mean that the allergies could't develope later..)

- Keep the diary that your doctor told you: You can mark the food ingredients and also the spices and food additives that are ok.

- If there has been an allergic reaction, mark the symtoms to the diary. (Like your doctor said.) -> After couple of months, if the reaction hasn't been life threatening, try the same food again. Childrens allegies are common to come and go all the time!

- When your child is old enough (If I recall correctly, couple of years of age) ask for your doctor to send you to the Prick test ( That will help you to see the possible allergies.

Don't worry! You can live with allergies just fine - I'm a living proof. ;)

PS. Beans have lots of allergens and I believe that's the reason, why your son got so severe reaction. I don't believe that all green food will cause such a reaction. But be careful though!

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