How do you discipline a 2 year old?

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I am against physical punishment and spanking, I know this backfires big time. I was previously a big fan of positive reinforcment and time-outs however doing a bit of reading there are alot of people against timeouts and the naughty corner aswell!
One lady says 'how would an adult like it if they were confined ot a naughty chair for making a mistake' but i think misbehaving isnt always a mistake, especially from a toddler who knows the limits and wants to test them....
So if people are against spanking & timeouts what methods do they use?
and what methods do you use for your 2 year old - Are they too young for timeouts?

I was putting into place a naughty chair, first he gets a warning and then i count to 3, then I tell him why he is going onto the chair and set the egg timer, when he is off I explain why he was there again & get him to fix whatever it was he done wrong.
Sounds good but hasnt really been working.

My boy at the moment is throwing things violently, toys and books, across the room into walls and at people, and just plainly not listening to me and acting out at everything he has been told not to do . He has just turned really naughty lately and I need new ideas or better ideas on how to correct this.

I would love to hear what your 2 year old is doing and how you go about fixing the behaviour, and if it has been successful on numerous occasions.



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My 2 year old nephew turned 2 years old on Friday the 11th of January 2013 he hits people and throws tantrums he loves having a bottle of milk. All the time he refuses to eat food all he wants is a bottle of milk we smack him when ever he goes out the front without a adult what else can we do it is my big sister's son but they live with us please give me some examples of handling with him

Amanda - posted on 03/23/2011




I read a book called "Life w/ Toddlers" that gave me a new perspective on time-outs. While it's still a disciplinary action, I see it more as a way to teach my daughter (who will be 2 on 4/5) how to separate herself from upsetting situations to go calm herself down. As an adult, I go to my room when I need to chill out and I want her to learn how to separate herself from the rest of society when she's wigging out. I put her in her crib (a location that people have given me flak for, but I refuse to play the "catch and put back" game that a chair or corner requires. That won't calm either of us down in the least!) and let her stay in there for about 2 minutes (1 minute per year is what I've heard recommended). I usually try to make sure she's got some of her animals and books in her bed so as to make it a little less of a punishment and more of a quiet time. Lately she's been heading into time out more often for being disobedient and all I have to say is, "Do you want to go into a time out?" She'll usually respond, "No." "Okay, well then you need to obey Mommy." If she doesn't obey she goes straight to her room and is told exactly why she's getting a time out. My husband is not a fan of the counting to 3 and so we let her know that we expect her to listen and obey the first time or she'll deal with the consequences of doing otherwise. She's not a very disobedient girl, but very strong willed. It's exhausting some days and then other days she's a lot of fun to be around the whole time. The real trick is just sticking to your guns and being consistent. When I decided to finally start doing time-outs for real (vs. doing them occasionally or when I felt like it) I have seen a real change in my daughter's willingness to do as I ask. Granted, it is with the threat of a time-out looming over her head at times.... but, I'll take what I can get!

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Timeouts work the best for me too until he now has found out that when he does something he isn't suppose to do my almost two year old puts himself in timeout to show boat because I laughed really hard the first time he did it and now he thinks its a funny game so We have to switch it up from his timeout bench to his bed and now he is kinda getting back on track but def we are at the terrible twos he even does things and stares at us like what are u goin to do about it? kinda of look!!! But yea each child is different and parent your child the way you see fit and don't let others opinions force you into doing somethings you may not of done otherwise. Good luck and keep us posted also Happy Birthday April Babies!!! Isaac turns two April 30th!!!


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Stephanie - posted on 09/30/2012




My son just turned two in july.His behavior has changed dramatically.He's acting out by throwing things,screaming and hitting.I've tried time out..and it doesn't seem to work.I feel like it's worse when we go places.I don't believe in spanking myself.I feel like I'm losing control and I'm very stressed out because of this.

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My boy listens if i speak nicely to him. If he throw things i told him not to do so by singing the song i made up and put everything back to the container and encourage him to follow me tidy up then i try to let him do colouring by showing him first how fun it is to colour as if i really love doing it myself then he'd follow. Or read the story books together (u must sound really interesting otherwise boys wont sit down and listen)

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I know exactly how u feel...My son just turned 2 & his behavior seems like it's getting worse I am also against spankings but i'll put him in time out but that doesn't work he fights me so he won't sit...He is constantly destroying things he won't listen...I feel that i'm gonna lose it...I'm also expecting another baby in October & i need to find away also to fix his behavior before he gets even more worse

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What a wonderful age so much learning for them, but testing the boundries is part of learning so i found Consistency is the most important thing when I raised my boys. (the youngest is 20) I didn't always count to 3 because i felt sometimes they needed to act straight away. They would get the disapline on 2. They learnt. I think time out is a great idea. But sometimes they did get smacked. When i told him to stop his bad behavor I didn't give long reasons why to stop (all they heard was bla bla bla) to make shore they heard what i did say. I would make them to look @ me sometimes I would turn there head with my hands then give the instruction. When they could talk I would make them repeat it. But Consistency was the most important. Good luck.

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We do time out with no binky. 1 minute for each year of life. So the 2 yr old gets 2 minutes. Id love a 36 minute time out for not behaving. To get to be by myself for 1/2 an hour... what a treat! Lol. Do what's right for you. They are your children so parent how you see fit and poo poo. The naysayers.

Marj - posted on 03/31/2011




whoever doesn't recommend a timeout has never had a kid. simply said. timeouts are genius and the easiest way to discipline

Melissa - posted on 03/23/2011




Even though it seems it is not working if you are consistent with it, eventually your son will get it. Time outs have always worked for my kids but I used to babysit a little boy who seemed like timeouts were not working. He was about 2 years old. For this little boy talking sternly, then a timeout, then after timeout a little hug or pat started working after about a year. For the time between 2 and 3 it most of the time seemed like it didn't work, but I believe it was working, because by 3 yrs. old he knew my rules and was much better behaved.

Taking things away at this age does not work because they cannot yet make the connection (cause and effect).

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