Middle name troubles!!

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So I have chosen to name my son Tristan Levi. Yet I recently found out another girl in town is also using the name Levi for her son. I believe her reasoning may be the same as mind. We recently lost a friend whos middle name was Levi, and I would like to continue his memory by continuing the name.

Yet the girl has not been a devoted friend and lost her first child due to SIDS in August of 2007. I guess It bothers me so much because she smoked throughout her pregnancy and around the infant. And now on her second pregnancy she is smoking again.

Over all I want to know if I am overreacting about this situation or do I have every right to be upset? And should I change my son's middle name?


Ashley - posted on 02/20/2009




I don't think you should give up naming your son after your friend's memory. I'm sure your friend would have been honored that you cared so much as to do that. Don't let this other girl change your mind..she doesn't sound like she's a great mother which is kind of just one more reason why you should keep the middle name..at least your friend who passed would have a child to carry on his name and memory that was well loved and cared for. At least that's the way I look at it..you using the name for your son would be a true tribute to his memory.

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