New Moms,Moms to be and Veteran Moms Input Needed !!!!

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to Circle of Moms and would like your input with a business idea that I have,(new moms, moms to be and veteran moms):

What is the most important thing you wanted before and/or after the birth of your child ??? (i.e. sleep, a day to do nothing, foot massage, 10 mins of peace and quiet)

Your input is greatly appreciated :)



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Claire - posted on 11/05/2009




sleep and someone to spend a day with me to answer the silly questions you are too ashamed to admit you dont know eg I had never changed a nappy how tight should it be and when to move up a size, how to use a wipes to clean a willy properly, how to cut his nails and when is he winded enough and whats the best way etc and be on the phone for my panic moments, no one ( from the NHS) would advise me about formula when my milk dried up and when he was feeding 13 times a day wether I should move to hungry baby food or he has not pooed for 3 days is that normal? I found post labour very lonely and a bit scary! I was not over worried, I delt with it all as and when I had to the best I could, its just felt abandoned - (I have no family within 600 miles)!!

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