No-Cry Sleep Solution Experiences?

Shannon - posted on 02/12/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi! I have recently come across a sleep strategy (thanks to a mommy on here), called the "No-Cry Sleep Solution." My son is 9 months old and has developed a really crazy sleep pattern, where he takes a solid 1-2 hour nap every 3-4 hours. Which means that he will wake up anywhere from 4-6 times a night. UGH....I analyzed his sleep patterns about a week ago, and until then I didn't realize how much he was sleeping during the day! I just thought he "didn't sleep through the night." we are in the process of weaning off 3 long naps a day, and hopefully into one lengthy nap a day (hopefully). It's been going on a week now, but he still wakes up 4 times a night. He is currently taking 2 naps (down from 3), so that's progress. I know this process will take a long time. Just wanted to give you guys some background info.

So, I was just wondering if any of you have tried (and succeeded? Didn't work for you?), the No-Cry Sleep Solution? What are your experiences?



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Jenny - posted on 02/17/2010




We tried that, but it didn't work for us either. Like Rebecca, it was things we were already doing. We ended up spending soooo much time bent over his crib rubbing his head or back, or rocking him in the rocking chair that it was ridiculous. He also doesn't do the crying it out thing...he just gets louder and louder and louder, till I have to go calm him down a bit and try again. (it's only worked once before). We figured out that his basic problem is that he wasn't eating enough during the day and waking to eat every two to three we started pushing solids more and that worked. Don't know if that helps or not, but that was my experience with the book. :)

Rebecca - posted on 02/17/2010




I read that book, along with 2 others...I found another book that actually commented on how the No-Cry Sleep Solution book didn't work...I tried that method, but it didn't seem to be working, especially considering it was things that I was already doing, like rocking him to the point of no return and then laying him in his crib awake...I'd spend hours putting him in his crib, and then he'd wake up crying and then I'd pick him back up and do it all over again...He may not have been crying, but I was....I ended up doing the cry it out method...and within 3 nights, I could put him in his crib, and not hear another peep from him until was wonderful.

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