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Hello Everyone,

My son is 6 months old and has just started solids. Before that I was nursing exclusively and would pump and occasional bottle for my husband to give him. He is now eating two big bowls of cereal mixed with 2.5 ounces of breast milk and vegetables. I am worried that he is not getting enough milk. He was eating 6-8 times a day of breast milk and now is only nursing 4 times. Does anyone know if this is normal/ok?

Thanks- worried mommy


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My 7 month old has been introduced to solids for about a month and at first I was afraid he wasn't getting enough milk too, but what I started doing was giving him solids in between his normal times to breastfeed and limit the amount. I figure at this point we are getting him more interested in new flavors and foods than trying to fill him up. He's usually thirsty afterwards and I will either give him a pumped bottle or a brief breastfeeding session afterwards. There is nothing that says you have to give your child a "serving size" yet. He can still get everything he needs until 9 months from you. This way you'll keep your milk supply strong and he'll still get new flavors. I'd check with your pediatrician to see if he needs that much iron from 2 big bowls of cereal. The iron in your breast milk is more bioavailable than the cereal and when the milk is mixed with something fortified with iron, it makes the iron in the milk less bioavailable. Good luck.

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i am breastfeeding my son started occasionally eating eating a little fruit and veges at 4 months, and recently started eating a fruit or cereal in the morning, then vegies or cereal at night. i've noticed also that now he is eating solids daily, that he doesn't nurse as many times, the doctor said that that was fine though.

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I've breastfed both my kids and now my little one is at the transitioning place between nursing and eating solids. What I've found is that as your baby eats more solids he'll need to nurse less. If you're worried about him not getting enough to eat try offering to nurse more often, if he gets distracted easily or pulls away he's just doing it for the attention not bc he's hungry. Even tho you may be feeding him 4 times a day you may be pushing out more milk your body knows how much he needs and will adjust accordingly. As long as he doesn't seem hungry and is growing like normal don't worry you two will be ok.

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I just read in my nursing book that that is ok for bottle feed babies. You should nurse on average 7 times a day.

The Nursing Mother's Companion by Kathleen Huggins,R.N.,MS

page 212 Nursing the Older Baby

I got the book at Barnes and Noble and I love it.

Hope this helps!

Joann - posted on 10/24/2009




Hello I actually work and breastfeed so this our daily feeding schedule. I feed him from the breast at 6am, Baby sitter feeds him baby food about 9am with a bottle of breasts milk, Baby sitter feeds him a bottle around noon, Baby food around 2pm I get off at 3pm so i feed him as soon as I get home then once i am home he probably eats 4 times before the morning starts all over again. I hope this helps. When he eats baby food he eats about 3.5oz and breastmilk is about 3-4 oz each time.

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