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hi all

I have been experiencing period like pains since Sunday. Its not unbearable, but also so uncomfortable, as they seem to go away and come back again...

the doctor said that if it gets worse, then I should go in to hospital, but how do I know its getting worse?

Should I be worried?


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Abi - posted on 03/15/2009




Hi Eldi,

I have had a lot of low down cramping type pains recently too, which can be hard to distinguish from Braxton Hicks contractions - just general discomfort and difficulty getting comfortable while it's happening. You could try a warm bath or kneeling on all fours to take the weight of the baby off your spine if that makes it more comfortable.

You shouldn't be worried! It's very normal, though if you experience bleeding it's worth contacing your midwife or doctor (though this could just be a show, where you lose the mucus plug). It's just the baby settling down and wriggling round and getting the right way up (down!) for labour.

If you start having regular tightenings which get stronger, longer and closer together these are probably real contractions and not just Braxton Hicks and it is worth going to hospital to get checked out.

Hope that helps. x

Ann-Marie - posted on 03/12/2009




doctor said the same thing to me!!! all you gotta do is if you can't talk through them or can't sleep through them then go in....also if you wake up from them go take a hot long shower...if that doesn't help then go to the hospital...

you shouldn't be worried!!! it's normal  i have been having them too


i hope that helps

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