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Tawni - posted on 08/24/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello everybody :] My son, Lacoda, will be 4 months old on the 28th and I'm starting to get concerned about him... He only has 1 poopy diaper a day if that, sometimes he goes a day or two without even having one! This has been going on since he was about 2 months old. I brought it up to his doctor at his 2 month wellness check and she seemed concerned and said it definitely wasn't normal but didn't suggest anything I should do about it. My mother inlaw said I shouldn't worry about it and he just has his own schedule. I was just wondering if any of you have experienced anything like this with your little ones.


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Tawni - posted on 08/25/2009




Thanks everybody :] When he does have a poopy diaper they are always normal so it sounds like everything is normal after all!

User - posted on 08/25/2009




Hi Tawni, i've heard that both bottle fed and breastfed babies can go a few days without pooing, and I know my son goes a few days without pooing when he has a growth spurt (I'm breastfeeding). If your baby hasnt pooed within 4 days then that would be cause for concern, especially if he is raising his legs to his belly which means he has tummy ache. Also, if his poo is green or slimy then that can signal colic, or a viral infection. So long as he is having about 6 wet nappies a day then he is more than likely fine :-)

Mary Lynn - posted on 08/25/2009




I've heard that constipation is based on the consistency not the frequemcy of poops. Has the color/thickness of poop changed at all? I would only be concerned if this happens. My son normally has a bm everday or every other day. Sounds like what you are experiencing is normal.

Lindsay - posted on 08/24/2009




This is totally normal! My son went from having one after every feeding to one a day, and sometimes may not have one for a few days. My doctor said it was normal and my friends have assured me it happened with their children as well!

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