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Brittany - posted on 05/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




So my son took a while to potty train. becuase we had a few major changes in his daily routine and daily care over the last year. Last year, he went from being watched by family to a daycare. He went from one accident a week to one a day. He has come a long way. We are at the point now where he is telling us he needs to go potty and has not had any accidents for a while now at home or daycare. Although he does sleep in a pull up just in case, I personally would consider him potty trained.

He again has started a new school this week. This is his 3rd day there. On day one, he went #2 in his pants..... I was shocked!!! He has not done this in months.... Day two he went #1 in his pants..... We had a long talk and multiple reminders over the course of the evening as well as a talk on the way to school this morning, but since he is not having accidents at home that is the extent of what I feel I can do.

The center has been asking me if I am sure he is potty trained... They said he tells them he needs to go and they take the whole class every so often and he goes each time. But then he gets busy playing and then just goes in his pants. I told them that until he gets fully comfortable and the excitement of his new school wears down, they may want to remind him to go every so often. I also told him that it is typical for him to go #1 often and a lot at once even though his drinking is limited to breakfast(milk), lunch(milk), snack(juice), and dinner(milk or juice-his choice). If he goes outside to play he does get a refreshment drink to rehydrate. He does not get to carry a cup arounf the entire day is what I am trying to say.

What should I do if these accidents don't stop? How can I stop this regression from getting any worse??


Alison - posted on 05/02/2012




I assume he is 3 years old?

I would say you should avoid making a big deal out of it and wait it out.

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