Potty Training the Almost 3 Daughter

Crystal - posted on 03/14/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Uh Help? Lol.

She was potty trained completely even at night from 28 months - 33 months, then she just one day decided she was done.. and since then its been really hard. We have done the rewards and everything.

She even says when something comes on TV she wants "If I poop in the potty, I can get that" ....*sigh* I don't know what to do!

I tried the panties thing, did not phase her a bit, just had freak out after freak out about "My undies wet" and she would then stick her hand in her pant, pull it out and with the poop on it, come show up and freak out because it was so yucky! Then lays down and says "Change me" ....

We did the timer. Didn't work! It goes off and she FREAKS out if you sit her on the potty, but then on her own timing... about once every 2-3 days she wants to sit on the potty, does it, and does great! She shows all the signs, but when it actually comes down to it...nothing happens!

Anyone got advice?


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Sharyn - posted on 04/29/2012




my just 3 yr old daughter is the same was really good for a couple of wks then back to wetting herself about 4mths before her 3rd b'day, after having 3 boys that were toliet trained around 2yrs old this is a new experience for me too i've gone back to nappies at night and let her do it in her own time again with plenty of accidents on the way, she now has started to want to wear undies to bed after taking her nappy of at night and going to the toilet, they will all do it in their own time it's alot of patience on our behalf and alot of mess to clean but they do manage to achieve it

good luck

Paula - posted on 04/26/2012




My twin daughters are 3 and have been potty trained for about 6-8 months now (except 1 still uses pull ups at night since she is a heavy sleeper) and I have a 6 yr old boy who was fully potty trained by age 3. I only tell you that info to let you know that I have experience with potty training. Here was how we approached potty training:

1st: every child is different!

2nd: We first looked for signs of interest in the toilet and its function, and time lapses between wetting their diaper.

3rd: underwear (beautiful princess or superhero undies that are special to the child)

4th: take them to the toilet every 30 min the first day

5th: don't pressure them or be mad if they have an accident- if you push them too hard and they are not ready they will defy you more.

6th: If it becomes a battle between you and them, take a few days off and start from the beginning on a good note.

7th: Once you get a few successes it encourages them want to do it more. (remember you prob will still have accidents for a bit)

8th: Potty training is teaching YOU Patience!

9th: Some children have fears- try to discover what their concern is. (ex- my son was afraid of going #2 on the toilet- I would have to put a diaper on him for him to go. He was afraid of the action of sitting on the toilet while going because he used to go in the corner and squat. So one day when he went to squat he started to go and I carried him to the toilet and placed him on there as it was coming out...it plopped in the toilet and he thought it was the coolest thing! problem solved! gotta luv boys!)

10th: Patience...Patience...Patience... Your child will get it!

Bobbie - posted on 04/23/2012




My daughter just turned three last week, and I'm also looking for potty advice! She knows how to use the potty and will most of the time if I ask her to go, but she doesn't ever tell me she has to, and will not poop on the potty. We made the switch to underwear, and it backfired. She refused to use the potty for a week after that and begged for diapers. I'm worried she won't be able to go to preschool this fall. I know it's a while away, but she is just so smart, I don't get it.

Connie - posted on 04/23/2012




my daughter is the same way. she just turned 3 on the 20th. she was potty trained day and night for 2 weeks, then when she had visitation with her dad for 5 hours, she came home in a pull up and wouldnt pee on the potty. I tried the underwear trick too but she was not phased with it, i even let her run around naked after her bath for about 10 minutes every night but then she would just pee on the floor, i keep telling her that if she wants to go to pre school she needs to go potty on the potty or she will not be aloud to go but nothing is working. i feel for you

Melissa - posted on 04/05/2012




It's rough. My son had setbacks after our daugher was born in 2009. My daughter has done well since getting the hang of it, but it helps she has a long running incentive. She wants to be able to go to school like big brother this fall. We told her big kids go to school and don't go potty in their underwear or pullups. Since then she has done fairly well, with some accidents here and there. It has only been like 2 weeks since she has consistenly went on the potty. I suggest trying to give her a goal to attain. My son just caught the hang of it one day and didn't look back. Remember she is also just barely 3. Some kids do better when they are closer to four. Also good to remember she will eventually get it, she won't go to college still pooping in her undies. That always gave me peace. :) Hope this was of some help!

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