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My daughter has suffered badly with reflux,screamed 7/24 right up til 4 months.we was going crazy with lack of sleep.Now its only the last bottle she still seems to have bit reflux with.We tried lots of formula and now has been on soy for few months .She only has 3 and bit bottles now.Was thinking about taking her of in a month or so but dont no what to put her on but not cows milk..My six yr old suffered worse and we ended up putting her on AA milk when 12 months.Then that went of shelf for awhile then went to normal milk then was ok.Any suggestions would be great.


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Sheri - posted on 01/09/2010




my grandson passed away from reflux problem you have to keep him elevated on a wedge after he eats and there is medicine you can give your baby for it to help. I am a nurse and its very common. try soy milk,like prosobee if they still have that. let me know how you make out.

Ajia - posted on 01/09/2010




My daughter has severe reflux. She is helped with medications (she's on Prevacid and Zantac) which control the acid, and she's on Alimentum formula, and I thicken her formula with Simply Thick (you can use Thick It which might be easier to find, or a bit of rice cereal) and that helps to keep their formula down after feeds. Also I keep my daughter upright for 15 minutes after eating (it used to be 1 hour, but her reflux is getting better). And when her reflux was worse she slept on a wedge so that her body was at an angle, which also helps to keep food down.

Brittany - posted on 01/08/2010




the dr gave my son once a day Prevacid. It seemed to help, but she told me it does not cure it just helps reduce it. Also he is drinking Similac sensitive RS. Yuo have probably tried it already but it definitely help. His dr also told me they usually grow out of the reflux between 6-9months. Hopefully her time for that is coming!! :)

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