She wont eat baby food.

Christy - posted on 03/24/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




The last two weeks we have seen our 11 month old gradually not want her baby food. She only has 7 teeth, so I am having a hard time with other options to feed her. Any suggestions?


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Julie - posted on 03/25/2010




I make my 11 month old sandwiches, which i cut the crusts off and let he hold them to eat on her own while i break up the remainder of it and feed it to her. I think she likes to eat the crusts herself for some independence.

Jillian - posted on 03/24/2010




dont let those seven teeth fool you! my daughter wont touch anything pureed or even remotely mushy anymore! she will mostly only eat cheese and most things completely made of carbs, combine them and you get mac and cheese, the only thing she will let me feed her. she doesn't really like me to feed her anymore at all, i have tried to get her to eat balanced meals, but she is very difficult, and she can tell if i am trying to sneak something in, she has learned to separate it in her mouth and spit out what she doesn't like! it has been very very frustrating especially because she weaned herself from nursing just over a month ago, i thought it was just a nursing strike at first but even though i still offer it to her every day, several times a day since, she wants nothing to do with it! she likes to eat bananas whole now too, i just pull the peel down a little and she holds onto the covered part and just scarfs it down.
Michelle- to the suction cup bowl, the munchkin ones from wal-mart have worked well for us, just make sure you wet the suction cup a little before sticking it on there. she cant get it off, and i don't let her see me do it so she wont figure out how!

Michelle - posted on 03/24/2010




My daughter stopped wanting to eat the baby food around Christmas time right after she had her first taste of the good stuff since then we just give her what we eat, I also buy the gerber graduates toddler meals which she loves.....don't let teeth worry you my daughter eats everything and has no teeth yet she just gums everything to death. One of her all time favorites is pizza and spaghetti, we also let her feed herself most of the time I just chop up finger foods pieces of chicken, macaroni noodles grapes cut in two that sort of thing and she feeds herself and is now after about a month starting to get more in her mouth then on herself....she doesn't use utensils yet but will start giving her those after she turns still looking for a suction cup bowl that will actually stay stuck to her tray as all bowls get dumped out immediately by her then tossed

Jamie - posted on 03/24/2010




My 11 month old weined himself off baby food around 9 months when he got his first ear infection. I wasn't ready for that so I freaked alittle. You want to start with soft, easy to chew/shallow foods. Rice cereal(add cinn. if you need to), smashed banana, soft steamed carrots smashed, pudding(sugar free), apple sauce etc... Now my son will eat just aboout anything I offer him off of my plate, just make sure it is in small bite sizes since they sometimes just swallow it. Gerber makes snacks that dissolve in the babies mouth, helps with self feeding. When your baby gets better at textured foods, Gerber also offers several pre-made meals in plasticware that are my son's favorite. Just take it slow and watch them closely for choking. Enjoy

Connie - posted on 03/24/2010




My son refused baby foods at 9 months. Once in a while he'll eat some applesauce, but its hit or miss. Now its all finger foods and whatever we eat, he eats. My son loves Gerber Graduates snacks, cheesy bread, bananas, canned fruits and veggies, cheese sticks, tortillas, cut up pieces of hotdog, tuna sandwich pieces, mashed potatoes, noodles and pasta.
My son only has 5 teeth, so we feed him foods that are soft for him to MASH with his gums.

Louise - posted on 03/24/2010




I would say anything that is soft and squishy. Things like cooked carrot sticks toast crackers little bits of shredded cheese and ham. Most soft fruits. I peel the skins off grapes and chop them small as my 11 month old loves them but is not able to bite through the skins. Fishfingers with the bread coating stripped off etc.

The only thing to watch is be careful the first time they have something new. Watch them carefully for choking and wait 4 days between each new food in case of allergys

Adding salt is NOT reccomended for ANY child as they're recommended daily intake is such a low level that you will more than double the recommended if you add salt to their food.

Joanna - posted on 03/24/2010




HA! I"m having the same issues and a woman from my husbands office and i were just discussing this this afternoon! Our children too have decided that they do not want anything pureed. I"m thinking this is ok. At my sons' 9 mos check up the doc said he could eat what we eat aside from honey, milk and nuts or anything chokable like hot dogs and grapes. Now we are at the point of true finger foods. I think our kids are actually hitting the "toddler" stage! My son only wants the food that's on our plate. SO I chop it up and/or mash it with a fork. He had beef in the form of meatloaf for the first time last night! today he had rice and beans with out me mushing the rice up. The woman I was talking to said her daughter (who is only 4 days younger than mine) doesn't even want her carrots steamed anymore. She wants to chew on the raw. And I guess she does! the mom isn't too sure how, but I guess those teeth of their's are strong enough! So my suggestion is just chop up hte food. I give him some to feed himself and then I feed him with a fork so I know he's actually getting food into his belly. I give him shredded cheese, tear up some bread, finely chop up what ever I'm haveing. Also, make sure things are seasoned. We both have found that putting salt and pepper, or cinnamon or even dill is making a difference if htey want to eat it. Now he wants to use the fork/spoon himself.That;s a whole other challenge I'm working on though....Good luck!

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