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Hi All.
My baby is 8.5 months now, and she sleeps very little during the day. And she does not sleep through the night either. In the day we are lucky if she sleeps an hour in total, and she still wakes up in the night for something to drink. I have started to give her some rooibos tea but she still wakes up. The only time she sleeps more sound is when she is in bed with us. Any suggestions?


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ill be honses with you ive got a five year old that still gets in my bed with me he aint good to start em off in ur bed as much i as love my cuddles with her i tend to leave the cuddles b4 she goes to bed. im havin same thing with my little girl shes 8 mths n wakes 5 or 6 times a nite ill give her sum water n she soon goes off to sleep. what ever way is better for you x good luck

Stephanie - posted on 12/29/2009




Let her sleep with you. I have tried and tried the best sleep we all get is my kids in with me. The baby starts off in the crib but come in usually by 2am. I know I know co-sleeping but really you got to do what you need to do. Eventually you can move them back. They are only little once as I was told by a friend who has 8 kids.

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