still not sleeping all night

Nicole - posted on 08/19/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




my son is 16 months old..and still doesn't sleep straight through the night. he sleeps in his crib every night which is a few feet away from my bed. He doesn't wake up for milk or anything..but he wines and i have to get up, put his pacifier in his mouth, and lay him back down. Since he was born i've been waiting to get a full night's sleep...and it never happened yet. i'm starting to wonder if it ever will. is anyone going through the same thing? any advice?


Shannon - posted on 08/20/2010




Stop getting up with him. If possible move the crib away so you can still hear him but far enough away that it is not too loud for you. It may be time to break the pacifier. My son never took a pacifier but used the bottle instead. As soon as I stopped the bottles he slept through the night and this was just 2 months ago when he was 14 months.

Dana - posted on 08/20/2010




You just need to ignore him. You are helping create the night waking habit by going to him. It will be hard to ignore him since he is sleeping right next to you but I did it with my daughter when she was smaller. She has been sleeping through the night since 9 months old. She sleeps from 5pm to 5:30am. Good luck! There is a great book called: Healthy sleep habits, happy child. Worked wonders for me!


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Merry - posted on 08/21/2010




eric still wakes up to nurse at least 1 time a night. He has given me 8 sraight hours of sleep 3 times in these 16months but I dont mind. His emotional needs come before my sleep no matter his age. And in 9 some months we will hae another baby who will wake me even more so I wil enjoy this time with only 1 waking up. :)

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