cant get breatmilk to dry up and it hurts!

Karen - posted on 07/10/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




i havent breastfeed in 2 weeks and only pumped like 3 times when i was really hurting but, not alot just enough to get some relief. but i am engorged all the time my boobs are hard as rocks and i dont know what to do. i have tried to bound them by wear small sports bras can someone please tell me what is going on? i dont know if it is because i was producing so much before. almost 6 ozs on each side every 2-3 hrs.


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Sunet Smit - posted on 08/26/2010




Try boiling cabbage leaves in a pot of water and put them on your breasts that relieves the pain and softens your breasts or just a very warm cloth put it on you breasts. Otherwise the pharmacy should have tablets to help stop the milk, within a week of taking the tablets it normally stops

Lisa - posted on 08/25/2010




Cabbage leaves are really the answer but it needs to be a Savoy cabbage.

My midwife and health visitor both recommended this and it was like a miracle cure.

Put a whole cabbage in the fridge and take 2 leaves off at a time. Pop a chilled leaf inside each cup of your bra. Keep it there until it is no longer chilled and has become limp. Replace with a new, chilled leaf as often as you need. Make sure you wear them in your bra throughout the night too.

It certainly isn't an old wives tale or, if it is, it's one which works (apparently there is a chemical which is only present in Savoy cabbage) which works - goodness knows how! I can't remember how long it took for the pain to go away, but it wasn't long.
Good luck

Naomi - posted on 08/19/2010




Pumping will encourage your breasts to produce more milk. As uncomfortable as it is, you might just need to leave it alone. Try hot showers and cabbage leaves to ease some of the discomfort. If it doesn't get better after a couple days, definitely talk with your doctor or a lactation consultant.

Corin - posted on 08/03/2010




I have also heard of Cabbage leaves. I have several friends who have found relief from doing this. It's worth a try.

Lisa - posted on 08/02/2010




put cabbage leaves in your bra, don't know if its an old wives tale or not but i've been told there is a chemical in cabbage that dries you up. Might be worth google-ing anyway. Good luck.

Sylvia - posted on 07/27/2010




I took hot showers untill the hurting went away. I wasnt producing but was still having that problem then after a few weeks it went away.

Ashley - posted on 07/12/2010




take a warm shower to release pressure. it unclogs the ducks. it takes alittle bit for them to dry up call your laction department that they gave you their number in the hospital and ask them or they should have gave you a number

Alysha - posted on 07/11/2010




Wow, you're lucky that you were able to produce that much milk. I personally only produced about 2 oz from both of my breast combined.

It's normal for your breast to still produce milk. I'm not sure what to do, because I didn't have much of an issue for mine to dry-up.
I guess the only thing to do is to keep on pumping.

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