Crib to toddler bed at what age?

Alison - posted on 04/24/2011 ( 13 moms have responded )




Hey everyone I have a 1 year old DD and I wanted to know what age is most apropriate to swich her from a crib to a toddle bed. The crib I have is a convertable crib just would like to know if you have swiched ur child over to the toddler bed and at what age?


Bobbie - posted on 04/27/2011




I had to put both of children on the floor with mattresses because they out grew their cribs but still fell out of bed, even with the rail. Most of the time they slept through the horrible thump heard in the night when the hit the cold floor, but I didn't. It worried me so much that they could really hurt themselves from that distance. The doctor told me to place the crib mattress on the floor and wait until they woke up in the bed consistently for a few weeks. Don't know if that helped but the switch wasn't without it's problems for me and I couldn't leave them in the crib because they were climbing out of it and falling as well.

Kaitlyn - posted on 04/28/2011




My son was in his crib until about 2y/o. He never tried to climb out so we figured, why make it so he CAN get out whenever he wants to...If she sleeps fine in the crib and is not trying to climb out I would just wait. No need to rush things. I found that as soon as we changed our crib to the toddler bed, my son started to wake up a little bit earlier, which meant I had to wake up a little bit earlier....;o(

***I should also add that I too now have a 1 y/o DD and do not plan on changing her to a toddler bed for quite some time.

Shelby - posted on 04/27/2011




My daughter never tried to climb out of her crib so I left her in there until she was 2 years old. And she got used to the toddler bed right away.

Jamiie - posted on 04/24/2011




well they say abouit 18month but my daughter was in a toddler bed at 8 month and i find she finds it a lot better than sleeping in her cot x


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My son crawled out of crib all the time and when he was in it he hated it and cried all the time. We moved him to a toddler bed at 15 months. He helped us pick out his bedding and got him a nice pillow. He loves his big boy bed and has slept by himself ever since. We just keep his door open at night and place a child proof gate so I know he is not wandering around the house.

Jenny - posted on 11/03/2011




my daughter who is 19m has been in a toddler bed for 2 months now, i would of left her in a cot a bit longer but im due with my 3rd a week before her 2nd birthday and wanted her settled in a 'big girl bed' before this one is here as i dont want her to feel like shes being pushed out

Crysta - posted on 10/21/2011




My son is 18 months and we just switched about a month ago and it has gone a lot smoother than I had expected it to be. I think the amount of difficulty when switching depends on if your child is used to sleeping any where else other than their crib, my son has slept in his crib every day including during nap times since he was 4 weeks old, so he is now in the habit of when he gets tired at bed time he will crawl into his bed to go to sleep and no where else because that is where he is most comfortable, so I have not had any problems with him getting out in the middle of the night to try to sleep with me and my husband. Good luck.

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Hi there sharlene fromAustralia Ive have 4 children I had my first 2 children from a cot to a toddlers bed at age 3yrs old I still have to go through that with my other 2 younger children so good luck

Christina - posted on 04/29/2011




I switched my son at that age because he was climbing out of the crib and it wasnt safe for him anymore... but once they are in a toddler bed you gotta worry about them getting out a million times or falling out... I plan on keeping our daughter in her crib as looong as possible good luck

Melissa - posted on 04/29/2011




I also have a convertable crib; but our bedrooms are on the second floor so I am waiting until he can Safely use stairs, or at least walk/crawl to the potty... I don't like to keep his door closed because it won't get circulation, so it won't over heat or not stay warm enough. (big house, base board heat.)
I think waiting untill LO can walk or is potty trained; but if you find you need the crib for a baby-to-be switch to a toddler bed early in the pregnancy and when the newborn comes home use a bassenette (type) for a while so LO gets used to not needing the crib.

Janine - posted on 04/29/2011




My first child was in his cot until he was almost 3! He never tried to get out and slept fine. We moved him into a single bed then because our 5 month old daughter had outgrown the bassinet and needed to go into the cot.

I guess it depends on the child, if they are happy in there why change for the sake of change I say. :)

Keep in mind once they go into the 'big' bed you start to get a lot of visits in the night.

Elizabeth - posted on 04/28/2011




The best advice I ever received was skip the toddler bed. The reason being..when you have a child who sleeps well through the night and you interrupt it with something as traumatic as getting rid of the crib and moving to a toddler bed...that sleeping well is over for a while. So why would you want to do it two times.

crib to toddler bed...toddler bed to bed

Just get a twin bed and save yourself the trouble of sleep disturbances.

Both of my daughters had twin beds with rails at 18months.

Charity - posted on 04/26/2011




My first son was in a toddler bed at about 13 or 14 months with no problems besides we had to put a gate at his bedroom door so he couldn't escape without us knowing. I was hoping with my youngest I might be able to leave him in his crib a bit longer but he is already trying to climb out of his so we will be switching him very soon.

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